Possible Bug

Hey there, playing through and I just got back from seeing the lighthouse for the first time. Jane saw the light in the shrubs but when I click on the area, it says I have to turn the lights off in the cave. When I do that, I can’t go back through the cave to get back to where the light is in the shrubs :(


  • Hi @Kingofnewyork

    We are looking into your issue and will have more information for you tomorrow!

  • Thank you so much! I am v appreciative!
  • Hi @Kingofnewyork

    We are still checking into why you wouldn't be able to go to the lighted brush, however we haven't found a possible cause yet.

    A quicker way for us to find out what is going on would be if you could send us a saved game of where you are, it would tell us why you can't progress and also allow us to fix any possible issue that might affect others later on!

    If you would like to e-mail your saved game, I will post instructions below!

    You can open the saved game folder on your computer, by holding the Windows Key, and pressing R, to bring up the "Run Box".

    Then, paste the path below into the Run field, and press enter, or click OK:


    The folder that opens will have one file per game-save you have created!

    You should be able to find your saved game file in this folder, and it will have the same name as your save in the Miss Clue menu.   Once you find the file, you can then send it to us as an attachment!

    This will be very helpful!

    Let us know if you need any additional information on how to find or send the save game!

    The e-mail address is:


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    Hi @kingofnewyork,

    We are pushing an update which will update that comment, as what really needs to be done is to turn back on the Generator by turning the red crank.

    This is a great find Kingofnewyork, excellent detective work!

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