Server Update

Hey Everyone!

Some may have experienced intermittent access issues this morning, due to IP route propagation problems with some of the internet backbone-link providers of the datacenters.

All services should be working normally for everyone now!

Let us know if anyone is still experiencing connection issues!

- Mintie


  • Thanks Mintie!! I definitely only understood every third word, but I’m glad to hear everything is working fine! :D

  • Hmm what means that in english??? or better yet french????
  • you completely lost me after "morning" :))
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  • Short version:   some people had access issues.  looks like it's fixed.  if you have problems, let them know. :P  lol teasing ya @VFK_Mintie   ;)  Thanks for the update and fix!

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  • Mystery solved. -hyukhyuk-


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