Game will not let me proceed... literally!

Hi! I'm at the very end of the game. In an effort to not spoil, I'll try to be vague. I am trying to catch the perpetrator in a final confrontation, and have left my hiding spot to try and block them. I went upstairs and got stuck to where there are no movement buttons. In clicking around I pulled out a note that now can not be put away. My last save was a fair bit ago, so I'm hoping I can get some help and not have to restart!

Thanks for any help :)

To be clear:
The villain has just gone into a door and I am trying to block him in. In attempting to do this, I went to the second level of the mill. I am on the balcony by some sandbags and stone mills. I clicked on the rope on the small wooden shelf, and that is where I am now stuck! Listening to very tense music repeatedly :)


  • Hi! Thanks for the picture! My question is actually about how the game is almost frozen. I say almost because I can still click items in my inventory, or exit the game, play with settings, etc, but I cannot leave this one screen:PiP1I tried to put my cursor where I think the back button would usually be so I could maybe illustrate how I'm stuck. I cannot save from this point, but can access the menu and click around, but if I select continue it sends me to the same screen:

    I can restart from my last save, but at the least I wanted to let you know about this frustrating glitch. Thanks!
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    Thank you so much for letting us know, and welcome to the Miss Clue Message Boards!

    I was going to fill out more information with the above picture, but you are ahead of me!

    Let me get you instructions for diagnosing this!

    - Mintie
  • That is an interesting issue!

    If you still have the game up and running at the stuck screen, you will find the current game state file for your game at: %APPDATA%\com.missclue.perilinpemberley\Local Store\saves

    The file will be called something like this: activeSave_2020-06-08 14-00-00-000.gsv

    If you have already closed your game or re-opened it, you will find the archived game state files at this location: %APPDATA%\com.missclue.perilinpemberley\Local Store\saves\archived

    The files in this folder will look like this: activeSave_2020-06-08 14-00-00-000_2020-06-08 14-00-00-000.gsv

    You will want to get the game state file from the time you experienced the problem, the first part of the file name contains the date and time it was created, in a 24 hour time format.

    If you send this file to we should be able to find the cause of the freezing and issue a patch for it!

    - Mintie
  • Also, if you click on something else in your inventory besides the letter can you back up from that?  Or try getting out your bow and arrows and try using them on something?

    If getting out your bow and arrow set works to unfreeze the screen but your cursor is still the bow and arrow set, you should still be able to move about and go down stairs.  The location you want to try and cut the rope is from ground level just outside of your hiding place!

    I hope this might help as well!

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