AFK displayed above avatar / Trading symbol above avatars in Trade

HI Staff,

Another suggestion that can hopefully be implemented by Anniversary which I think is really easy to implement. 

If anyone says "AFK" can we have it display AFK above their he.add until they either speak/move/wave/dance/use magic again? This is a really helpful feature that is in VMK and allows people to know if you are away from the computer or busy and not ignoring them. I can't count how many times people thought I was ignoring them.


Can we display a little trading symbol or even simply say IN-TRADE above our avatars heads? I feel this is also easy to implement and would DRASTICALLY improve the game.

Implementing these would make this the best VFK anniversary for me!


  • I agree !! It will be so much easier i hope VFK listens so players can stay
  • Wow. The suggestions I see for these games are genius. xD But I totally agree. I hope they take it into consideration!
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    Thank you @Purrfect
  • Awesome ideas! I've lost track of the amount of times i've tried to get someone's attention and couldn't tell if they were afk or if I was just having lag, LOL. And definitely would be useful to tell if someone's in a trade already, especially in the trade rooms and such.
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    This would be awesome, I am on board for this.  I imagine the afk symbol would pop up automatically if you go unactive for a certain amount of minutes? Perhaps you could mark being afk manually if you if you go afk before the system senses youve been unactive, you could ensure people see youre afk from the moment you leave the computer.
  • Yes I'd love this!!

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    This is good, but I don't like the idea of everyone knowing I'm AFK etc. It feels like an invasion of privacy. One of the reasons I love VFK is because of it's anonymity. I'm not downing this idea, I just hope VFK adds it as an option like broadcasting your location.

      Thank you, @TacoCat!

     Thank you, @Jessizoid!CARYMN8MKODW
  • @millsfan yea I forgot to add that, the system should automatically detect if you’ve been inactive as well and display it for you.

    @MagentaDream that’s fair. I would prefer an option to at least mark ourselves afk.
  • I think if you are afk for longer than 5 minutes than that is when it should show that you are afk
  • Love it.  Optional works for me (options typically allow a happy medium between those who like something and those that don't).  I've seen it work on other games and it's handy.


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