Hey guys...you know what would be cool, if we got easter egg ports..sort of like the fireplace ports only egg shaped and you become a egg hatching.....Plus the song Here Comes Peter Cottontail is on you tube...


  • or listen to these.....     .........   this one is up beat ... 
  • some reason this one doesn't show for me  on the previous post 
  • These are great ideas!

    I joined VFK on September 22nd 2013 <3 
  • Fantastic!

      Thank you, @TacoCat!

     Thank you, @Jessizoid!CARYMN8MKODW
  • I'm confused, what is a port?
  • @vignette she is talking about a teleporter which we use to teleport from one room to another! :)

    I joined VFK on September 22nd 2013 <3 
  • I'm not sure if this is entirely Easter or spring...but I think it would be a good idea to buy...something, maybe a special watering can, or something resembling fertilizer that could be a "regrow" element for plants we've had that withered before their cycle is up. For example, my dreaming maid tulips withered this week while I was off dealing with irl things--I'd love to be able to grow them so maybe I could fertilize them with this regrow element--similar to how we did the corn for the survival task, and it would grow again?
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