Selling Items for Credits

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Prices are for each item unless stated as a set.

Membership Furniture:
[x2] Dragon Castle Storage Chest [50k]
Ghost Dragon Castle - Punch Bowl [40k]
[x2] Griffin Gear - Chalkboard [100k]
[x2] Phoenix Castle Planter [30k]

Carnival Travelers Trunk [40k]
Carnival - Chalkboard [50k]

Record - Christmas - The Polar North [30k]
Record - Christmas - Welcome To Bethlehem [30k]
Christmas Star of Bethlehem [40k]
[x4 sets] Astrological Spiral Love Seat; Chair; End Table; Side Table; Table Lamp [50k per set]
[x2] Astrological Music Box Record Player [40k]
Astrological Teleporter [60k]
Zoofari Elephant Painting [40k]
[x2] Groovy Ceiling Lamp [20k]
Groovy Foot Rug - Green; Orange [30k]

Nutcracker Giant Candle [30k]
Nutcracker - Painting [350k]
Record - Nutcracker - Yuletide Fire [40k]
[x2] Country Christmas - Snowy Sled [200k]
Record - Country Christmas - Snowy Lodge [40k]

HOST Furni:
Pot of Gold [100k]
[x3] Summer Beach Sign [75k]
Beware of Sharks Beach Sign [75k]
Strawberry Beach Umbrella Chair [60k]
[x2 sets] Beach Ball Chairs; Table; Rug [75k]
[x2 sets] Nautical Ship Chairs; Table; Carpet [75k]
Jungle Animal Table [20k]
Anchor Rug [30k]
Patriotic Couch [50k]
[x5] Autumn Leaf Sign [50k]
Movie Poster - Flocky [50k]
Martian Planet Chair [30k]
Jungle Monkey Camping Chair [150k]
Saturn Chair [150k]
Tiki Chief Table [30k]
Thanksgiving Turkey Statue [50k]
Hopping Piglet Easter Sign [40k]
[x3] Avalanche Area Sign - Never Released [75k]
Spacesuit Display - Blue [200k]
Spacesuit Display - Gold [200k]
Secret Garden Statue - Duck - Never Released [100k]
Secret Garden Statue - Cat - Never Released [100k]
[x3] Trendy Car Couch - Blue [50k]
[x3] Space Shuttle Chair [40k]
[x2] Shark Bite [200k]
[x3] Halloween Pumpkin Cauldron [200k]
[x3] Blue Flickering Glowing Ghost Pumpkin [800k]
[x3] Pumpkin Vine Tree [250k]
[x3] Horn of Plenty - 2019 [250k]
[x4] Thanksgiving Turkey Statue - 2019 [50k]
[x7] Spinning Peppermint Stack [40k]
[x2] Moose Ice Sculpture [200k]
[x3] Icesectora - Black Widow [40k]

Game Prizes:
Game Planter - Audubon's Wildlife Adventure [30k]
[x15] Game Wreath - Space Pirate Laser Tag [20k]
[x14] Game Wreath - Audubon's Wildlife Adventure [20k]
[x13] Game Wreath - Night Fighters [20k]
[x10] Game Wreath - Wild West Checker [20k]
[x14] Game Wreath - Waters of Life [20k]
[x5] Game Wreath - The Haunting of Sleepy Hollow [20k]

[x1] Safari Hat Lamp [75k]
[x2] Conch Shell Lamp Trio [100k]
[x2] Snowman Buddy Lamp [125k]

Pins & FX
Zombie Invasion Pin - 2018 [50k]
[x11] Groovy Invasion Pin [30k]
[x2] Marshall 11th Anniversary Pin [15k]
[x36] Zombie Invasion Pin - 2019 [25k]
[x3] Halloween 2019 Pin [10k]
[x27] Thanksgiving Day 2019 Pin [10k]
[x18] Elf Encounters Pin - 2019 [25k]


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    Could I get 1 Moose Ice Sculpture? I can meet you on map later tonight! :)

    I joined VFK on September 22nd 2013 <3 
  • @Holly Sure :) I’ll see you then
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      Hey, @Zoee! Lmk when we can meet in-game!

      My wants:
    • x2] Dragon Chest of Punch [20k]
    • Ghost Dragon Castle Record Player [40k]
    • Carnival Dressing Room - Bed [100k]
    • [x2] Nutcracker - Giant Candy Cane [30k]

    TOTAL: 240k

      Thank you, @TacoCat!

     Thank you, @Jessizoid!CARYMN8MKODW
  • @Purrfect I can get on anytime! Are you online?
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    @Zoee I am! I'm in pirateboi's trade room anytime you want to trade. :)

      Thank you, @TacoCat!

     Thank you, @Jessizoid!CARYMN8MKODW
  • @Zoee Thanks for the trade! :)

      Thank you, @TacoCat!

     Thank you, @Jessizoid!CARYMN8MKODW
  • Game Wreath - Space Pirate Ship Battle [20k] 
    whenever i see u ingame 
  • Is this still available?

    Enchantment: Fire Wings - 1 Star [30k]

  • Zoee said:

    @Brain_Freeze Yes it is

    I'll take it.
  • Howdy Zoee,

    I would love to buy the following if you still have them available.  Thanks

    [x4] Carnival Curtain - Purple and Gold [30k per set of 2]
    [x4] Carnival Curtain - Tie-Dye [30k per set of 2]
    Giant Nutcracker Ornament - Red - Frosted [50k]
    Giant Nutcracker Ornament - Red [50k]
    Giant Nutcracker Ornament - Blue - Frosted [50k]
    Giant Nutcracker Ornament - Blue [50k]
    [x2 sets] Nutcracker Teleporter [75k per set]
    Nutcracker - Desk Lamp [50k]
    [x2 sets] Country Christmas Teleporter [100k per set]
    [x2] Friday the 13th Tombstone [250k]
    Game Satellite - Space Pirate Ship Battle [40k]
    [x1] Conch Shell Lamp Trio [100k]

    If my math is correct, I believe the total for this is 1,480,000.  Let me know in game...thanks in advance,

  • @MellowMoz Sounds good, I will message on in game!
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