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Hey everyone! As we all know judging starts tomorrow, gingerbread contest is finally coming to an end (yay). Just wanted to mention few things before judging started. I'm sure most of us are already aware of these things, but just wanted to say it again. 

1. Have patience. This is a ride contest, so rides may be short, long, laggy, could be multiple rooms. No matter what the room/ride is, even if a room is long and laggy, please be patient and complete the ride or completely view the room BEFORE judging. 
2. Scroll scroll scroll. There are many little details that go unnoticed without scrolling, so scroll and view everything. You don't wanna miss the roofs!
3. Read "i". Read what the room is about, it may help to understand the things in the room or the meaning behind certain things. 
4. Take your time! Don't rush and judge :P

Lastly, for high quality resolution rooms, use VFK site version full screen
There is a difference in quality when using Epic Ages (Site and Desktop) even if its full-screen. 
Here is a comparison. Same sign pictures, one on site full screen, one on epic ages full screen.

Screen Shot 2020-01-11 at 6.16.01 PM
Screen Shot 2020-01-11 at 6.16.27 PM (From EA full screen)

Screen Shot 2020-01-11 at 6.12.38 PM
Screen Shot 2020-01-11 at 6.13.28 PM(From site version FULL SCREEN)

VFK site full screen, makes it easier and clearer to see things, especially signs. At least that is the case for me, I am not sure if there is a quality difference for anyone else. 

That's it for me! Happy Judging and Good Luck to all which are participating. 
Feel free to add anything else that I might have missed. 


  • I would also like to note that the "theme" categories on the judging ballot are there for a reason. Usually there are three options (and an additional "other" option), which I believe the three for this particular contest are "Gingerbread", "Christmas" and "Winter".

    I have seen players say that, since it's called a "gingerbread" contest, they will not judge it if it isn't gingerbread, which I think is quite unfair since we are given the two other themes to choose from as well. I think that, as long as a room fits in at least one the three aforementioned themes, it should be considered. For this reason, I really wish VFK would change the contest names from "Garden", "Sand Castle", "Halloween", and "Gingerbread", to seasonal contest names like "Spring Contest", "Summer Contest", "Autumn Contest", and "Winter Contest". I think this would provide players with a lot more creative freedom, without feeling trapped with minimal options, and would help avoid the issue of players being overly strict while judging. 

    I think rooms should be judged on the quality of the building first :)

    P.S. That's weird that you experience the quality difference between browser and EA. I pretty much exclusively use EA and don't experience that at all.
  • I just hope I mark either third place or above this year!
  • @Zoee

    I second you on the re-naming thing! 

    I also want to remind everyone that there are veteran builders returning for sure, but there will be new players building. Try not to assume that all the not as in-depth rooms are made by clones.
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