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Ciao amici! I'm finally here with another discussion! Hopefully, this one will be much more interesting! I was talking to a friend the other day about how much we miss the old days of VFK-- the days when there were more active players-- and we decided to try and assist VFK in creating advertising techniques/game features to bring people back! The biggest problem with this is that people just aren't interested in family-friendly role play type games like Virtual Family Kingdom... but what if we could change that? Almost all of the VFK community has heard about the in-production VFK 3D, but possibly, we could take it a step further! What if there was a VFK... but in Virtual Reality? Tere are several things that would have to be considered, such as in-game communication. Because of how VR works, people can't use keyboards, and most players or players parents don't want real voices being used. What if there was a voice changer built into the system, and players can customize how their avatar sounds. Then there is the issue of voice filters, which VFK would have to have a live voice log that can automatically censor restricted words. The last of my possible issues is that a lot of players likely don't own a VR system (myself included). VFK could try and have a way that people can play together, in VR or in VFK 3D. I personally think this game idea could attract new and old players alike. I would appreciate it if y'all would comment with ideas about this or other possible advertising tecniques! Happy November 4th!
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  •  Oh this is amazing!<3 I think if VFK could get 3D developed within the next year and get the flash issue resolved that would make a lot of head-way. I think thought, they should keep the classic 2D version of the game for nostalgia plus we players who prefer it (myself include, though I'm also open to new ideas!! :D). I think definitely connecting 3D and VR would be awesome; I mean on both ends players could communicate PLUS it's two different versions of the game. Here's another wild ball idea!: What IF VFK released an HTML5 mobile app for VFK mobile users. It would be VERY handy and to make it plausible. Perhaps they could program the app to specifically be friendly to cell service users. Just a rambling thought on this!

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  • I honestly do not see VFK going VR. The cost of having both a PC to run VR, the VR equipment AND having the room to physically do it? It would be a lot of obstacles. Not to mention, I know a lot of people (myself included) who do not have the physical capability to work VR and the staff knows that. Secondly, the cost of developing a VR game is high as well. 

    Also, I'm not sure about the legality of advertising VFK and them having obviously trademarked costumes??

    But I do agree that there should be a VFK app that can be run regardless of cellphone OS. 
  • @kitten I understand! Thank you for the feedback!
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