Stuck - Can't Get Clement Out of Room

Hello everyone,
            I am very stuck in this game. I know I am supposed to search the room Clement is in but everytime I enter, he is still there. I have watched walkthroughs on this game and apparently I was supposed to have done this a while ago but haven't had any luck. I have completed everything I was supposed to do up to this point. But he is still there! I'm getting frustrated. Just to give an idea of what I've done, I'll tell you what I have in my inventory - shears, gloves, dagger, bow and arrow, a piece of string and a piece of paper from the bar, and that paper on the hermitage I got from Clement. Please see spoiler below for what I have done so far.
I have already sent 2 letters. One of them contained a calling card I got from the bag I found by one of the trails. I have been knocked off my horse already out by one of the signs. I've talked to the frenchman at the bar. I have explored the secret passageway behind Aunt Catherine's bedroom but don't have the doorknob to open the door at the end. I've done archery practice numerous times. Completed all the homework assignments in this game. I have done everything!
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

- Dara


  • Hi @guest842985!

    It sounds like you're doing a great job!  Something else you can find is a piece of cloth in the trees where you found the dagger, your archery practice should come in handy here!

    Clement will often sleep late so if you ask to be awakened by 6 and go straight to the library there is a good chance he will be gone!
    Another good time to explore the library is after you have received a package from your mother, has that arrived yet?

    Have you inspected the saw dust at the bridge hold up site?  You should also speak to Mr Radcliffe concerning the dagger and saw dust while practicing archery!

    Have you explored the lantern and found something there?

    Also have you fixed the telescope?

    If you need any help or clues just let me know!

    Best of luck!


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