looking for membership clothing & hairsyles

not from stores or gold stamps

the VIP membership items.. preferably would rather have them in a set or full outfits.
please let me know your wants if I knew the memberships I'm missing I would like but I'm not quite sure:\

I know I need:
Halloween memberships from 2018
Christmas memberships from 2018


  •  Here are the Halloween memberships!

     Halloween 2018:

    - Bad to the Bone
    - The Griffin or Steampunk membership something..er..rather
    - Ghost Dragon 

    Christmas 2018:

    - Polar Bear
    - Bethlehem
    ..And more (maybe)? 

     This is incomplete....sorry!

     Hope this helped! :)
    Winking-Eye---Vi's-GifsHappy Face - Vi's GIF
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