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I figured with VFK's Anniversary coming up… what is your FAVORITE memory with VFK?  Whether you've been here since Day 1, or are a somewhat newer player… what was your favorite moment in VFK?  Was it getting an item you've dreamed of acquiring, attending a big release to a new age or feature, building a massive room in hopes of winning a contest, or something such as winning a host event?  Comment your memory below.  I thought this would be fun to share!


  • My favorite memory is the day that they released bubbling cauldrons.
  • Although, one of my favorite items happens to be the old ice elephant (large) from the ice coins and I wish that ice coin selection would come back, I wouldn't say that was the most memorable part. My favorite memory from VFK was meeting some awesome people from the start.

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  • So many! But here are my top ones:

    1. Finding friends that are keepers.
    2. Socializing with staff.
    3. Getting my first beanie.
    4. Winning snowboards.
    5. First anniversary host hunt experience - 9th Anniversary Lava Lamps.
    6. Hanging with friends in Tiki Theatre.
    7. Wandering around the Australian Zoo for the first time (I read everything, lol).
    8. The satisfaction of big trades.
    9. Long IMs.
    10. My first absolute first win. - 08.28.18

    :D :D :D

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  • 1. Attending the opening of space age which was also the day of my birthday :)
    2. attending the opening of retro age. 
    3. attending the opening of colonial age
    4. doing the car quest the first week it came out
    5. attending the grand re-opening of the zoo 
    6. attending the openings of the various selections of the zoo.
    7. the 1st anniversary ( I logged on the day of the anniversary and at first I was unaware it was the anniversary till the quest for the pin came out )
    8. the 5th anniversary ( same story for the 5th. I just happened to log on randomly and it was going on. )
    9. the 10th anniversary 
  • Hmm. Mine are:
    2. Getting Angel Shoes for awhile.
    3. Successfully getting items at the 10th Anniversary Antique Shop opening.
    4. Getting loved on by staff.
    5. Drawing art for people on here!
     I loved hearing y'all's comments!! :D
  • In the first days of Beta,  there was really very little to do.  So a group of us oldies,  would go hang out in the mercantile and do really silly things.   There was no npc so we would fix up drinks for each other,   we would have olympic diving off the barrel stacks ( you can still stand on them)  and everyone would give you an olympic score.   It was so lame,  and fun all at the same time......only the really cool people hung out there.   We went to bed at night still laughing hysterically at the imaginative play we created        OH,   those were the days!!
  • I love everyone's memories you've all shared. @GiftPrincess I too have enjoyed forming friendships :D.   @cute_lina  All the amazing big releases on VFK have also been some of my most memorable memories.  @Purrfect YES!  Getting items at the antique shop is an accomplishment :).  @Osmello  That is a funny memory!  Yes there was very little to do at first (what a long way the game has come).  That is funny to hear the fun you used to make out of vfk BETA.  
  • I loved the opening of Space age and Retro age.  Space age was something I could not wait for… and retro age was just really cool.  All the rooms opened all at once, and there was so many exciting areas to explore!  I remember when VFK released their first set of buyable items… I was freaking out that they had barrel chairs similar to VMK.

    I also remember when they let us buy clothing for the first time… it was so AWESOME to change the way we looked.  When thinking of vfk highlight's I used to love back in the day when there were so many players who participated in the elusive host hunts, and we all traded items in the trade room.  More people back then played the mini games too, so more game enchantments were floating around for trade. 

    I LOVE the nostalgia of reminiscing on VFK's beginning years… it was so fun!
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