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   You want to see art, then BOY you'll see art! Watch out, I might draw you>> :D




  • Cool drawing! Who is she?

    ABOUT: Signed up: February 2017 Miss Clue only: March 2017 Regularly playing the kingdom: April 2017 hehehehehe...... Came for MISS CLUE, stayed for VFK <3

    Miss Clue Mysteries Border 2 

    VFK survival gear outfit party
    VFK thanksgiving party in garden
    2019 SprIng SpAce MISS PIGGY
    2019 SprIng SpAce


    Thank you purrrfect for the awesome surprise drawing! 
  • Very cool!! 

    jessizoidsignatureistellaTY Jessizoid!
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    @GiftPrincess She is nobody in particular.. But she is someone out of my imagination! Her name is Ida  Anderson and she's a Danish countess. Her age is around twenty or so. She's at this moment is gazing off into the late evening sunset which bathes the calm waters below. Her resting place is a chair on the veranda of a Italian villa on the coast of Italy somewhere.. Her thoughts float to different things, her love, music, life problems, and the likes. Meditation is what heals her soul, puts her back together, takes the pains of life away, and gives her rejuvenation which she found no where else.. Anyway, that's my tale, Gift! 

    Hugs! :)

  •  @iStella Thank you! :)

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