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I want....

Actually, no. I have no idea what I want. Maybe to have an opinion and not be, I don't know, attacked for it? Like... honestly this.... "lovely" human came out of nowhere and spend over a day and a half back and fourth attacking me because they happen not to agree. Which opinions are fine but attacking? No.

Because this person has had some bad experiences with said topic (christianity) they assume all people, including myself (which i admit I didn't help much) are the enemies here? Taht we shouldn't be allowed to have that religion because of... 

I really don't wish to discuss it here but the whole reasoning behind it is dark and I get that she/he has suffered a lot through it. But she's generalizing me, my friends, family, and everyone else out to be bad people because I have a little faith in something that *may* not actually 'exist' as you would say? 

I really don't know. Can't really put this anywhere but I need to get rid of the stres from this all, I really do. Gah. I really dislike people on the internet. You guys on here nad VFK are generally okay but elsewhere? It's so not good for my health. I've decided I'll stop commenting on stuff as often as I usually do (and understand I didn't mention religon that much? I just asked why everyone else was being so negative.).

How does settle a violent argument when the other person refuses to listen? Sure it might have just ended but no, now they're going to say that I said stuff that I never said and everything I worked for on that site will probably go up in flames. Let me tell you, 1.05k is not an easy amount to get on a reading/writing website.

I don't understand socialization.

When I retire in the way way future, I think I'll go live off the grid. No internet. Just movies (because come on) and books. Possibly a family if I have one by them.
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  • life can be pretty confusing at times -hugs-
    I know it can be really hard when you're attacked for having an opinion, I'm sorry that happened :( I'm glad you were able to come here and post your feelings though, letting them bottle up inside just makes you feel worse in the end

    if you need a listening ear for anything, I'm always here! 
    ~O) >:D< >:D<


    oh his hair... if I could only touch his hair!
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  • Yeah I totally get where you're coming from!  I have had that happen before to me too.  You're saying you have to ditch your wattpad?  That would be such a bummer, does the person who attacked you have power on the site?

    People have gotten so...I don't know, acidic?  it's like when they don't like something they see they attack you with a lot of venom in their speech, and it's like what?!!?
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    Aww I'm so sorry frogiepower, people can be so mean sometimes!  I know a lot of the time it feels like god isn't watching and that you're lost all alone in the world, but always try to remember that its just like when you're waiting for someone to come home.  You would be so disappointed if you waited and waited and they never came.  

    That home of course is heaven, the person waiting is god and its where we are all trying to get back!  Be brave in your beliefs, stay by them no matter what anyone says and one day we will make it back home and it will all have been worth it! :)

    P.S Good luck on your story site!!! I hope you get more followers!
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     Hey, Girl!! I understand how ya feel! It's hard sometimes being a Christian,  but DON'T think that you're EVER, ever and I REPEAT ever ALONE!! I'm always here if ya want to talk to me about something!!
  • @iStella ActuallyQ THe authro of that story, as well as another 'famous' author who was actually christian came in and kinda resolved the issue. she's still mad at all of us but the person left. Still, stressfull. 
    "I'm not great with advice, may I offer a sarcastic comment instead?"
  • @showjumpingbird Thank you.
    "I'm not great with advice, may I offer a sarcastic comment instead?"
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