LF Umbrella

I am looking for the new valentine's day umbrella. I haven't been able to be on vfk very much and missed out.

These are some things I have available to trade, but let me know if you have something else you're looking for. Also can trade 200K if needed.


Giraffe Pants Girl
Giraffe Boots Girl
Giraffe Top Girl
Giraffe Jacket Girl
Giraffe Hat
Colonial Cape
Antique Shop Tee-Shirt - Girl - Antique
Jewel - Top - Girl
Jewel - Pants - Girl
Jewel - Shoes - Girl
Jewel - Hat - Girl
Cow - Pants - Girl
Turbo Tuft Top Green
Cow Gloves Girl
Prosey Feline Hat
Prosey feline Bow tie
Cherry Blossom Ninja Hat - Girl
Cape Black Silk Boy
Cave Man Pelt - Orange (Flinstones)
Cave Man Pelt
Red jay Boots
Red jay Pants
Red jay Shirt
Red jay Gloves
Red jay Mask
Red jay Cape
Colonial Cape
Gary Galaxy Shoes Boy
Gary Galaxy Pants Boy
Gary Galaxy Shirt Boy
Village Huntsman Shoes Boy
Village Huntsman Pants
Village Huntsman Shirt
Village Huntsman Gloves
Professor Jacket Boy
Blue Blob Shoes Boy
Blue Blob Pants Boy
Blue Blob Shirt Boy
Maelstrom Ninja Jacket Boy
Maelstrom Ninja Hat Boy
Brown Bunny Shirt Boy
Brown Bunny Pants Boy
Brown Bunny Hat Boy
Brown Bunny Shoes Boy
Brown Bunny Gloves Boy
Host Hunt Gold Lava
Antique-Explorer Chair and Side Table
Antique- Map
Antique Wardrobe Trunk
Antique Explorer Telescope
Medieval Castle Tower Room
Host Tire Fire Rug
Host Garage Sign
Host Orca Shirt-Girls
Fourth of July Streamer Hat 
Seeds: Collectible Gardenia
Host Exclusive Owl Mask
Black Halloween Cloth (curtains)
2010, 2017 HOP
Imperial Soldier Full
Statue of the Golden Mystic
Sheepie wool fluff/thread/cloth
Angora fluff
Heirloom Seeds
Girl's 2018 Crossword Outfit
Phoenix Castle Archway
 2017 Easter Eggs
Hot Air Balloon Magic -I star
sun flower necklace
Lobster Carry Plush
Baseball Totem
Christmas Antler Hat (red&black)

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  • Hey! I'm afraid I don't have one either, but I was wondering if the value of it has gone up at all?
  • edited February 10
    I have one available for trade. What is it going for?

    Interested in either of these:
    Antique- Map
    Antique Wardrobe Trunk
    Antique Explorer Telescope

  • @Holly @Purrfect Not completely sure, but it was from a couple of host room events.

    and I could do map or trunk?

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  •  Okay, thanks @MandaBear!
  • Thank you for trade @Holly!

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