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Hi all! I know someone has suggested this before, but honestly I am way too lazy to look for that thread. I'll just make a new one.
EDIT: Here's the old thread! Thanks @Holden for the link AND the idea/the first mention of something we all talk about wanting lol!

I really would love to see more room sets added to the game. The Dyer Mansion set is sooo incredibly awesome.


It is really dark? It was for Halloween-time so I get that it's supposed to be spooky. SO I would love to see the following:

1. A set of rooms for just a normal house/mansion. (The windows could reflect the time of day? I thought there was a room that did this but I can't remember which one.)
2. A set of beach rooms! (This is the one I'd like to see most.) Bright rooms that look like the inside of one of those big houses you rent in Outer Banks, and one room that is back yard/beach (back beach?) that the house sits on.
3. Peril in Pemberley room set
4. Space Ship Room set

I could get way more specific with requests but I think that might cover kind of the basic types I am wanting. I could only hope that they all wouldn't be a hundred grand of gold stamps but even if so, I would still find a way to get them.



  • Here is the old thread:

    Good idea making a new one though, my old one was kind of messy anyway.

    I agree with everything you have to say here! :)
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    @Holden lol sorry about that, I'll pop it into the original post. But yes all that and more lololol. (I love how somehow I titled it exactly the same as what you had. Must have been my subconscious lol)


  • I think the 2017 survival room shifts from day to night 
  • Peril in Pemberley rooms would be perfect since they already made those! Just like Dyer, straight from Miss Clue games.

    @millsfan would love the space ship room set! 

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  • Yes @GiftPrincess a Space room set sounds cool.  Although if VFK is going to put a lot of work into anything Space, I'd prefer it be expanding on Space Age through the Epic Quest for Jetpack enchantment and craft able flying saucer enchantment ;)
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    Gonna bump this! Still hoping for a Victorian mansion room set!
    I would prefer very clean looking not the dark colors of Pemberley rooms. I love them but for in game it would be nice if we could have more of a blank canvas to choose our  own color scheme/style. Light walls/white frames palladian arch  windows/wood floors(love the wilderness lodge floor)
    Lots of us are itching for a new big ticket gold stamps item! Price this like the Dyer Mansion?!
  • @Fonna yes but make it regular, always available gold stamps!!!!! I like the non-themed rooms idea.


  • @HoneyBee - deal! Now let's just convince VFK!
  • I totally agree!
    64HBS56TE0AI TY Jessizoid!

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