The Frenchman Doesn't Exist?

When I brought the lost bag to Kitty, she said the Frenchman wanted to thank me and that he was sitting in the corner, but there is no one in the room except two other gentlemen eating.

Any thoughts?


  • Hi @cwat,

    That is a very interesting condition you found!  If you go home and sleep and then travel back to the Red Lion Inn is the French man still gone?

    If he is there it should look like this:

    If once you have gone to sleep and returned to the Inn he still isn't there, It's possible you have discovered an edge condition that would need an update to fix and in that case if you could send your save game through e-mail it would be really helpful!

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    I tried going to sleep, but I haven't been able to do that either. I finished the 3rd days homework and cut the flowers, so I'm not sure what else I can do for the day. Nobody is talking to me either, so I'm a little stuck!

    How would I send the save game through email? (Sorry, I'm new to this game!)
  • Hi @cwat!

    Thank you so much for the information!

    We have instructions on how to send your saved game, hold on and I will paste them here :)

  • Let's see if we can't get this resolved!

    Sending us your latest saved game (the current one that won't let you  progress), it can help us find the cause of the problem!  

    You can find your saved game, by opening Finder, clicking the "Go" menu in the top bar, then clicking "Go To Folder...".

    In the window that opens, enter this text, and press Enter:

    ~/Library/Application Support/com.missclue.perilinpemberley/Local Store/saves

    The folder that opens, will have one file per game-save you have created.

    Find your saved game file (it will have the same name as your save in the Miss Clue menu), and send it to this email address:

    This will be very helpful!

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