Why I HATE Going to Bed

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Hey everyone,

Today, I decide to do some forum posting. These are some reasons that I compiled about why I hate going to bed. Like if you agree!^^

• Bedtime means my deapest fears crawl into
my mind.

You know that feeling when you pull the covers over your head? When the shadows began to move across the room, and a dog barks somewhere in the night? Well, my friend this is the perfect situation for your deepest fears to come alive. They creep up on you, and infiltrate your mind. You try to bat them away, but they just keep coming back. Sigh...

• Mom said,”Go to bed.”

It’s the moment in your game when your about to win, and BOOM!

Mom comes in and says, “Go to bed.”

You state stubbornly, “Why?”

“Because I said so.”

“But I’m literally about to win!”

“I know, but you still need to go to bed.”


“Good. Now off to bed with you!”

Man, this happens to me SO much!

• Super charged.

That moment when you feel like you could bounce right out of bed because you just had the BEST DAY EVER! Then your sister walks in, and says, “Sleep child.”

And your like, “But I can’t sleep!”

And your sister replies, “Then try.”

As you try to sleep. Your mind just can’t stop racing! Full of thoughts, ideas, and craziness.

Finally, sleep does take you, but it sure took a while!

And after all of this. You hate bed even more!

Hope you enjoyed this Readers!


Night Owl
  1. Are you a night owl?
    1. Yes!
    2. No.
purrfect01 Thank you, @Jessizoid!! :))



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    I 100% agree omg!! I literally can't ever go to sleep at the same regularly repeated scheduled time. I went black Friday shopping, got back around 11pm, and then ended up going to sleep at 7 am and waking up at 11 today. Super energized though....

  • I'm not an early bird or a night owl; I'm some sort of permanently exhausted pigeon.

    Anyway, I love sleeping. It's a free trial for death.
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  • @jessizoid That took a dark turn. xD Does anyone else sing in their sleep? Or am I just weird?
    I hate going to be except for when I'm excited to go on a trip. It's terrible when I have a song stuck in my head preventing me from going to sleep.
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  • :D
    purrfect01 Thank you, @Jessizoid!! :))

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