More Room Sets


Something I would love to see in VFK in the future is more room sets like Dyer Mansion. I know we can make our own houses with the use of teleporters, but I like how cohesive Dyer Mansion feels with its use of way-out's to connect rooms that all abide by a single theme. Having room sets from different eras (Medieval, colonial, Victorian, etc.) would expand on the historical aspect of VFK that's already present in the world's ages. It would also be cool to have sets at varying price points--from shacks to family homes to mansions and castles. If anyone has any specific themes they would like to see, feel free to comment them! :)


  • I would actually love to see a Victorian mansion set. With large palladium windows, wood floors, a grand arched staircase in the main room. My hope would be that is had a neutral background (wainscoting) and flooring.We have so many great decorating choices I'd rather decide myself then have them pre done.
     A white kitchen (although we desperately need updated kitchen cabinets in general). I would love one of the rooms to be a conservatory style (like the butterfly house rooms in the Zoo), a sitting room for tea, a library. 
    I feel like this style can be used/decorated all year around, but imagine a grand Christmas!! 
  • Yes! I agree with the neutral background as it is such a pain to have to build over things. 

    Bouncing off of your conservatory idea, I would love something like the Marjorie Mcneely Conservatory for gardening. It's beautiful, albeit, enormous! I think it would be absolutely gorgeous filled with plants and would serve as a more aesthetically-pleasing alternative to football fields as a place to grow lemon trees.

    Something rustic and small would be nice as well.

    Wonderful ideas, @Fonna! :)
  • That is beautiful and a great idea as its own room for sure.

    I was thinking something like this for an attached room in a grand Victorian home..

    Screenshot (70)
  • Totally agree!!

  • yes yes please i love the room sets!


  • that conservatory room is so beautiful. i really like these ideas. would love to see a new orleans style house set. its my fave type of architecture look

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