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I, frogiepower, am going to college in two years. Yes, I  have made it to sophomore year and I am honestly so lost right now. Here's the thing, I know exactly what I want to do. I have a major and a minor I want to choose when I do go, business and medicine. The plan is:

I become a nurse first. That's only two years. I work as a nurse between the summers to save back money for later. Then, I continue my school obvious until I move on to pre-med. I have to keep a high grade in chemistry. Usually, an A to qualify for most pre-med schools. Being accepted into med school is the hardest part (so I heard).

That isn't an issue. My plan is accompanied with three back up plans just in case. All of them leading me to the world of success. My problem is- I have no idea where I'm going. All I know is that it will NOT be in my state or near it. I kind of want to leave this town behind and if I stay close, I'll see them. Let me be honest here and say, they are not my crowd. I mean, my grade is a 3.0 but it used to be 3.5 (i made the mistake of going off medicine) I want to get it back up and I"ll probably be able as I've still got time. The thing is, my mom keeps pressuring me to stay closer and since I don't have a preferred college, she's trying to get me to do scholarships in our local school.

I, personally, want to go overseas. Yes, this is a little farfetched but I'm thinking through it. In the town this college is in, my friend lives there and will attend the college there. She already told me that for living expenses, she could totally give me a hand. They have a scholarship program for international students and they accept anything above a B average, which is great. It's a matter of achieving the scholarship. They have one in specific for students looking to study medicine. Now, I am looking at some in-country and nearby colleges/universities, but I don't want to stay here. New Zealand seems kind of inviting. Any of you from there? The two universities there are either A) Victoria U. or B) Otago. It's silly, I've been told there is a high chance I won't be able to go. But I've really put some thought in to it.

This post doesn't have anything related to you guys at all but I just wanted to voice my opinion on this matter. I don't want to tell my mom about this idea as she heard it before and all she did was criticize me over it. My mom doesn't really understand. She's too worried that we'll fail halfway through and have nowhere to go. My brothers have not reassured her in that matter at all, Thanks for listenning!
"I'm not great with advice, may I offer a sarcastic comment instead?"


  • wow you're so close to college!!
    i'm sure it'll all work out the way it's supposed to in the end, everything works out with time :)
    gl and remember we all love you @frogiepower
    >:D< >:D<
  • Oh my sister in law just went off to medical school in a different state. Good luck its a lot of work but so worth it to help people!


    HUGS buddy! :'D

  • Nursing is a rewarding job/vocation!!! I took 4 years for BS Nursing and took the (Registered Nurse) license exam right after graduation and passed it. To finish 4 years exactly I had to sacrifice my summers and take on more subjects/credits. If I didn't, it would have taken me 5 years which is thereabouts for Engineering. So I had no summer vacations, just classes and lots of hospital duties (8 hour to 12 hour shifts)! Actually I have no holiday too because I took on duties for doctors & nurses on vacation leave. I've celebrated Christmas and New Year's with patients before. It is indeed a lot of work & sacrifice but you will feel the reward of hard work thru grateful patients. :) I always say I see the worst and best of humanity with this career!

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