Game requirements for game enchantments/rewards?


Can someone dumb down the game requirements to receive the new Shooting Stars game enchantment? Thanks in advance!

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  • You have to win the award (currently the anniversary shoes) from 6 out of the 8 games, you should get a pop up similar to this:

  • @Kitten Thank you! I should have specified that I was looking for exact game points/qualifications to win the "Special Award" from each game. Do you know those?

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  • Not off the top of my head, but I know they are point values. In the case of Checkers, I do know that its 15 games and then you win the award. 

  • These are what I know about mastering (my experience and what I've heard).

    Wild West Checkers: play against somebody or clone - 15 rounds, 3 opponents (doesn't matter how many rounds per opponent), must win all. Play with help fairy - 30 win rounds.

    Waters of Life: say 8,000 - 10,000 or 5 - 8 rounds of escaping alligators plus huge points (guesstimate lol). You don't need to save the baby animals, you just keep shooting nets at alligators. If you do save all animals and bring them to the island, it ends the round and goes towards the next. I do this when my hands are tired.

    Fireworks: 40,000 - 50,000 total points. I usually score 4,000 plus minimum and I noticed have to do it 10x or so. If you score 6K-8K per round, then lesser game to fulfill.

    Haunting of Sleepy Hollow: hard to tell but I think 5,000 points

    Audubon Wildlife: Basic principle - the higher the score, the lesser games you need to play. Less score, more games. Around 20x if score is lower than 100. I guess 15x if score is 200-500 per round. Some players have massive points like 8K in one go and I'm like... HOW? (LOL) And maybe they only do 5x of same points or less.

    Space Pirates: Around: 10,000 points or so. (I think, it's been so long since I played to master this, well... Few months. LOL!)

    Night Fighters: 5,000 I believe. For me Night Fighters is the easiest space game to master as long as you log in all your clones and shoot at them. limit of 8-10 characters per game (at the top of my head). LOL

    Laser Tag: This is always mastered on mine so I really don't know it's mastery level. I'm gonna say 20,000 - 25,000 points, around there. This can easily be achieved if you play against your clone and do the 40-40 shoot plus clicking CTRL while shooting at opponent.

    This is what I think I know right now -- at the top of my head.. So I might be off with some points! Hope it helps!

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  • @Giftprincess gave great explanations.  I think fireworks is anywhere from 40,000-45,000 points.  Im not sure if it goes as high as 50,000, but who knows, maybe it does...
  • I always thought the Audubon birds game required 25,000 points, but recently I've had people say that its actually 2,500.  I'm not the best at birds, so I'm not able to just go in and score a ton of points.  I usually play anywhere from 20-30 games, and with my basic skill level I eventually master it.  I think birds is a game or memorization, and you get better as you play more and memorize the birds in the game
  • Mills is right, birds is a game of memorization, but there are also a few tricks to it.

    -It is NEVER the fourth choice
    -click a bird right before you go into the next room, and then answer it in the next room. Easier higher points, especially when you do this before you exit the last room and then go through the lobby and wait until you enter the first actual game room, it gives you double the points.
  • Audubon
    Birds is easy if you want to run several clones at same time thru it .. 
    what you do is get five hundred points during the entire time you play it ...
    on the first and second bird room click all you can .. dont steer car or get gas etc.
    then go to next clone .. do all birds in first too rooms ... 
    go to next ...etc.
    when you go to the next clone, totally ignore what is happening to the other clones
    run them thru this way twenty too times and you will get the award.
    I usually run ate clones at a time thru.

    Bring in six clones
    clone 1 and 2 does first level, clone 3 and 4 does second level, clone 5 and 6 does third level
    shoot won clone 45 times, shoot second clone 45 times ..all the while shooting keep hitting the control button to bounce up and down for health to grow faster .... shoot each other 3 to 4 times in each round .. each 45 times .. last few seconds kill off won of them if wants
    need about 5 or 6 games this way .. and they all win the prize

    Night Fighter 
    Choose who will hit all the others .. make this clone choose a blue or green fighter plane ..then load as many as you can, i try to bring in 6 or 7 other clones .. and put them in the pink planes to see them better
    in each level .. quickly raise all the pink planes near top of screen .. using think it is the x button (if too high z lowers it a bit)  then use space bar and blue / green plane to shoot all the pink planes to destroy them all
    you need 2500 points plus 6 games for that clone to win the prize .. sooooooo once you reach the 2500 put that first shooter clone as won being hit and put won that had been a hit clone to be the shooter .. rotating them thru as they reach 2500 points ...

    The clone you want to get the prize is "A" .. 
    play A against B twice making sure A wins both times
    play A against C twice making sure A wins both times 
    keep doing it for D, E, F, G, and H clones .. 
    you need 12 to 14 win games .. beating each clone ONLY twice, otherwise you will have to do more games.
    I have created and memorized a win pattern ... takes each game two minutes to play

    8 games of 6000/7000 is needed (roughly 48000 points)

    Water of Life:
    7 games needed
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