Funny Cat Video

I hope you all enjoy this video as much as I did! 


  • aww lol

    thanks for the video cat!


  • That is sooooooooooo ADORABLE!!

    thank you dazzlerdream for the signature
  • rofl thats really cute
    thank you so much TacoCat for my awesome awesome awesome Christmas signature pic!!!
  • Rofl omg that's so cute!! "yeeee-ahhhh" LOL xD
    "....Pumpkin Pie." -- Gerard Way

    "Thanks Pete!" -- Patrick Stump

    "No, but I got Cheezwhizz." -- Ryan Ross

    "Better stay on that side of the street." -- Gerard Way

    "Aww, not in front of the puppies, Pete!" -- Patrick Stump

    "Oooh, zing." -- Frank Iero

    "So, it was the summer of 2001..." -- Brendon Urie

    "This song is called, uh... actually, I'm not gonna tell you 'cause you'll just complain when we change it later." -- Gerard Way

    "Hey, I'm Pete Wentz from My Chemical Romance." -- Brendon Urie

    "Excuse me, could you please leave?" -- Tyler Joseph

    "....Mehr." -- Tyler Joseph

    "Nana!!" -- Tyler Joseph

    mcr gif 17
    *mic drop*
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