Letter to Mama

How do I get the letter to Mama seal?


  • Here is how to fold and seal the letters!

    First fold the paper by following the diagram below:

    Once the letter is folded, light the Candle to your right by clicking on it!


    Once the candle is lit take the red sealing wax on the left:


    Light it using the candle then place the hot wax on the middle of the letter:


    After the letter has the hot wax on it take your Seal, which looks like a wooden handle, and press the wax down embossing it with metal plate on the bottom:


    Once the letter is finished just pick it up, ring for Martha and have her take the letter to be mailed!

    If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!  

  • Thanks! I am having trouble with the last astrolabe number. I have tried several combinations but none trigger the step where I am supposed to leave the note. On a walkthrough it was stated that the date is different depending on how many imes you went to sleep but I am not sure of that. is there a way to know which day I am on?
  • Hi @Marohu!

    To help know what your next step is, could you tell me a few things you just did?  Where you have gone, have you been to the hunting lodge?

    Do you own a poem with the words "Oft have ye heard my (Number)  strain?"

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