Main Street Mania - Annual Costume Challenge 2017

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Each year Main Street tries to wear a new costume each day up to Halloween!  Here are some pictures of this years costumes so far!! 
Fantastic Costumes everyone!!

Post your favorite pictures and costumes too!!

October 2nd

2017-10-02 11_39_30 PM VFK_Vintage - Victorian - Main Street

October 3rd

October 4th

2017-10-04 11_37_15 PM VFK_Vintage - Victorian - Main Street

October 5th

October 6th

2017-10-06 11_48_25 PM VFK_Vintage - Victorian - Main Street 

October 7th!2017-10-07 11_43_46 PM VFK_Vintage - Victorian - Main Street
2017-10-07 11_54_32 PM VFK_Vintage - Travelling.

October 8th!

2017-10-08 11_38_16 PM VFK_Vintage - Victorian - Main Street



  • Look! There I am! As.. um.. Ax. :D
    AwesomeX sig 500
    D E A D  M E N  T E L L  N O  T A L E S . . .
  • Everyone's costumes have looked so cool over the last week! I think I made a pretty good Han Solo costume yesterday lol.
  • I am the one dressed in white 
  • GREAT costume party guys!  Ill have to try to play too : )
  • October 8th is up!


  • Aww my John costume didn't make it
  • October 3rd2017-10-02 12_38_28 AM Evoulie - Victorian - Main Street
  • THIS IS SOO COOL!!!  Maybe I can stay up tonight and come to the party!  I'd love to be in the picture with you all!!

    GOLDENPUPPYgoldenpuppypicturetacocatTHANKS TACOCAT!!

  • WOOT! Thank you for posting October 3rd!! @Evoulie


  • OCTOBER 9th

    2017-10-09 11_51_57 PM VFK_Vintage - Victorian - Main Street


  • I am wally on day 4
  • OCTOBER 13th!

    2017-10-13 11_39_29 PM VFK_Vintage - Victorian - Main Street


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    October 11th


  • October 12th

    2017-10-12 12_01_04 AM VFK_Vintage - SaharaHollyglow's Happy Birthday TacoCat


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    VFK_Vintage said:

    October 11th

    it iddn't load 
    I was at taco party but I din't make it into the picture
  • @cute_lina Gotcha covered, you're in the Juuzou costume at the bottom:

  • thanks @Jessizoid I guess I was wrong. I was dressed as juuzou that night. 
  • October 15th!

    2017-10-15 11_58_55 PM VFK_Vintage - Victorian - Main Street


  • October 16th!

    2017-10-16 11_50_23 PM VFK_Vintage - Victorian - Main Street
    2017-10-16 11_51_48 PM VFK_Vintage - Victorian - Main Street


  • Quotes October 16th

    "I titled her phantasma" - Cute_Lina
    "that's cause i'm a cow XD" - Evoulie
    "ah, they keep off ever since i lost my he.add" - sillyceliac
    "they were trying to convert me to a MAPPER!!!!!!!!!" - ScrapperGal
    "-doesn't smile because Raven doesn't smile-" - Awesome_Piper
    "i am a.. torch-wielding skeleton pirate" - AwesomeX
    "I just loves these blue eyed siamese Kitty" - BingoBabe
    "I was mapnapped to my own party" - Adventure_Rabbit


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    lol 16 of october is like a spot the difference. the first picture only has two ghost cats but the second one has three. By the way you are missing the 11 and 14 vintage. 
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