Lost around midnight, astrolobe, no one will talk to me...

I've just been to the hunting lodge. 
I translated the french note but am supposed to look for more. I also found Clements poem. I spoke about buying midnight but the guy didn't want to sell him to me yet. I looked through the picture in library. I'm not sure where I'm supposed to go from here.

In my inventory:
I have a door knob, lodge key, bow and arrow, gloves, lever, paper and string from inn, warning note, french note, dagger, french coins, cloth, pamphlet, scissors.


  • I'm reviewing what you have in your inventory and will get back to you in just a minute! :)


  • The next big step would be buying midnight!  Have you spoken to Pierre about losing his love yet?

    If you have, you can give him your hermitage pamphlet  which will allow you to buy the horse!

    Also, have you found Clement's poem in the dust bin and placed the torn french note on top?


  • This is life changing information! Thanks so much.
  • You're welcome @nancydrewreal!

    If you get stuck, just let me know!

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