Is there a walk-through for chapter 4?

Is there a walk-through for chapter 4? Tyvm


  • Oh gosh you're right I never did a walk through for chapter 4!  Let me get one together.  If there are any questions you have feel free to ask them :)
  • Thank you so much.  :)

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    Also, there aren't any walkthroughs for Chapter 4 that I know of.
  • I am stuck on the mills game. I can't move any pieces.
  • Hi

    I'll check into your game @PrincessAveri

  • Everything looks like it's working, what happens when you click the dots in the middle of the board?

    Also if you like I can push you passed the game :)
  • Hi Mintie, it is saying I can't move my piece to any of the dots. Ty for your help that would be awesome.
  • Okay, if you exit out of the game for a moment I'll push you passed :)
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    Also, if you have 3 of your pieces in a row you get to take any of the opponent's pieces off the board, do you have 3 in a row? And once all pieces are on the board you have to click a piece before you try moving it.
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    Okay you're passed it, just re-enter! : )  and good luck!
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    Thank you! And I have finished.  :)
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