Astrolabe? Poem? A Bit Stuck Again...

So I've read some of the threads and still feel stuck. I'm unsure what to do next. I just did the art in the house again finding people that were alive during a certain time, have talked to everyone and visited everywhere. There's no squeaky step yet and I've done nothing w/ my torn letters or other notes (or the numbers on bottom of scrap). I have a feeling I need to do something and just feel lost.

Am I ready for doing something w/an astrolabe yet? I have the poem that gives me word numbers 6/5/7 and can't seem to get 6 and 5 in the hunting lodge no matter how much I tweak the dials. Is that the wrong one?


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    Hi again @Steph,

    Have you bought Midnight?
  • Yes! I have him and he took me to the place he knew where to go. Looked around, although didn't really see anything or pick anything up.
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    That's great @Steph!

    Here is a list of next steps for you!

    Pick up the horse shoe from the Mill located in the shed.
    Compare it to both the Hunting Lodge Hoof Prints and Shepwood Forest.
    Call Martha and ask her to bring the shoe to the Groom.
    If Kitty hasn't spoken about a poem from Clement you might want to ride over and check.
    If she has, compare the french and poem notes.
    Look to see if Martha has left the note for you from the Groom.
    Read note
    Check for squeak in Lantern.
    Inspect squeak, go for a walk then return.

    You're doing really good, keep up the detective work!

  • Thank you!! I somehow missed the shed altogether (???) !
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