When is Curse of the Devil's Heart coming out?

Hey all,

Any updates on the game that was promoted with a release date of February 2017 and teased at the end of Trials of Salem, "Curse of the Devil's Heart?"

What about "Attics of Pemberley," the one with the released screenshots? When might we be expecting that one?

Any updates would be amazing!

Thank you!


    The updates and enhancements to the Miss clue engine are coming along great and Beta Testing for Attics in Pemberley should arrive soon, which we would love to have you a part of!
     Curse Of The Devil's Heart should come sometime this summer!
     Thanks so much for your post!
     More updates will be coming to the Miss Clue homepage so stay tuned!
  • Thank you Mintie!

    The blizzard scene in Attics of Pemberley looks AMAZING! How would I get involved in beta testing??
  • Hi @heysassydetective!

    I hope you had a wonderful Easter!  

    For Beta Testing there will be news coming to the home page of Miss Clue, with all the information on when the Beta Testing will be, where to sign up, how to know if you've been chosen and what to do once you're in the Beta Testing Team!  
    We are all so excited for it to begin so keep an eye on the homepage!

    -Mintie :)
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