Rodrick Rules 1

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  1. R-Can you break a leg so we can leave?
    G-Stares at girl
    R-Thats not gonna happen
    R-Walks away
    R-Comes over
    R-Wish he would leave you alone
    G-Wish I could tell brother
    R-You should tell him
    G-I will Rowley
    G-See you at school
    R-See you later
    H-Comes over hi Greg
    G-Hi Holly smiles
    H-Goes back to skating
    G-Sits against stage
    B-Are you ok?
    G-I'm ok i guess
    R-Comes over
    R-Do you have plans tonight?
    G-Not really why?
    R-Parents aren't gonna be around
    G-Doesn't say anything
    R-Walks off with Ben
    R-Comes back over
    G-Are you free tonight?
    R-Yeah I am why?
    G-Is Pete available?
    R-I think he is tonight
    G-Want to go with me?
    R-I guess i'll go with you
    R-I'll be outside your window
    G-See you then sighs
    G-When my parents leave it gets bad
    R-I'll be there for you




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