Rose's Super Blog - 1 Year Anniversary!

Exactly one year today was when I posted the first Rose's Super Blog! Thank you to everyone who has read the blog! Here is my special post about the one year anniversary!

It all started when I saw @PinkyB's Pink's VFK Blog and it made me want to start a blog as well! So I decided to ask her if I could start one as well and she said yes! So if it wasn't for Pinky's blogs mine wouldn't exist! So a few days later I posted the first one on October 17th 2015!
It was based on a real life story and it got a few comments and I couldn't wait to post more!
The second one was a VFK one based on Merlin's Dungeon which was a trick I figured out to help those who had trouble in the dungeon! Back when that one was posted Merlin's Dungeon was new and crafting supplies were easy to get there! But now you mostly just get credits. :P Oh well it's still fun and you can still get crafting supplies there!  My third post was a thank you to VFK for taking my suggestions for Halloween costumes! I was so happy when I saw the game costumes last year! It was Princess Peach and Mario which I had been suggesting for 2 years! I had so much fun blogging! Most of my posts are about real life situations but there are lots of VFK ones too! I also then thought of Throwback Thursday which on a Thursday I would blog about something that happened a long time ago. I posted my first one on November 5th 2015. That was actually the day my aunt passed away. :( It was also posted at 5 AM which is quite early!  After the second Throwback Thursday was posted I didn't make another one for a while! I've posted about so many things and the blogs are like a adventure! I really had fun posting them and I will still be posting them once I find something to blog about! Again thanks to everyone who has read them! :)
If you want to read some of the previous blog posts go to the tag "rosessuperblog" and you will find them all there! I could also give a link if you want!

That's all I have to say about the blogs! Here is a random poll!

Are You Excited for Halloween?
  1. Excited for Halloween?
    1. YES!! I'M SO EXCITED!!!! :D
    2. A little bit!
    3. No :P
    4. Derp
"May the stars shine down on you."
-Rosalina ♥


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