Any way to fix letter glitch?

Hello, I'm quite far along in the game and I think I've done everything to trigger the second letter but it isn't arriving. I also had the problem another guest mentioned (below) in which I wrote the letter to Mama and Ms Norton at the same time, and only Ms Norton's letter was posted. Do I really have to restart the game from that point, or is there something I can do to resolve this issue?

"I started a new game and I think I figured out why it glitched. I didn't write the letter to Ms Norton when it originally allowed me to, so later on when it let me write to Mama, I wrote to both Ms Norton and Mama one right after the other and when I called Martha to post them for me, it only took Ms Norton's letter and not Mama's, but there was no way to go back and write another letter or get Martha to send the other letter as it was no longer in my inventory."


  • I'll give you a list of things that would trigger the letter, and if you've done all of those then it would be wonderful if you could send us you game so we could figure out why the issue happened. 
  • Here is the list:
    Get the horse shoe from the mill.
    Try the horse shoe in both Shepwood forest and hunting lodge.
    Ask Martha about showing the horse shoe to the groom.
    Get the note back from Martha.
    Go to the Lantern and hear a squeak.
    Leave the lantern, walk to Pemberley and then go back, not hearing the squeak.
    Take the letter and put the first two written out numbers into astrolabe in the Hunting lodge.
    Take the note back to the Lantern and put it back under the step.
    Wait two nights.
    Talk to Kitty and hear of hold up.
    Have already put the note from the bridge and the poem from the trash at the inn together.
    Have looked through the squint and seen clement talking to a stranger.
    And also you have to have written a note to your mama.

    If you've done all this and the note isn't showing up it would be really helpful if you could send your saved game to us:

    You can find your saved game, by clicking the Start button and selecting Computer.

    A window will popup, paste this path into the address bar at the top of the window and press enter:

    %APPDATA%\com.missclue.perilinpemberley\Local Store\saves

    The folder that opens, will have one file per game-save you have created.

    Find your saved game file (it will have the same name as your save in the Miss Clue menu), and send it to this email address:

    I hope this helps :)

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