Captain Warlock.

I just started playing Captain Warlock and managed to find shelter from a terrible storm.


  • YAY!!!  Now you'll need to make a wind break!  Go outside, and cut down some pine trees with your laser gun!
  • Done, I'm now inside the shelter, now what?
  • You'll need to build a fire!
    Look for some twigs, leaves, and branches!
  • I can't find the twigs or branches.
  • Nevermind, I found them!
  • How do I cut the evergreen branches to make a bed?
  • Nevermind, I figured it out.
  • Set your laser to HIGH, and then cut off some pine tree boughs!
  • Thanks!
  • Whoa! I tried going outside after the storm calmed down and got shot by a laser! Thankfully, I got another chance.
  • OMG!  Look in the back of your snow mobile for a small shovel, and dig a tunnel out into the snow!
  • That way, the bad guy doesn't see you!
  • Done, I just fought off the drones and someone's now running towards me.
  • Now I'm fighting him, any tips on how to K.O. him?
  • Try to click his forehead, and don't click too fast, try to pace your punches!
  • Thanks!
  • Argh! He's too fast! Can't I hit him with the shovel?
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    Nevermind, he's out.
  • Ok, now I'm heading out to the next destination, but, I can't seem to be able to put away the shovel.
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    Hmm. so you knocked him out, looked through what he had on him, brought him over to a tree and talked to him,  and now you've gone back to pick up your sleeping bag and put your things away, right?
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    It does't really matter if you put the shovel back, I think it goes in the vary front of your trunk, But all you need to do is, put out the fire, pick up your bed and put that in the back.  Then move the wind breaker before you get in your vehicle!
  • Done, and now I've attached something called a remote slaver device onto the bad guy's vehicle.
  • Who does the female voice belong to?
  • She travels with captain warlock, she is sort of a computer that helps him.  You'll find out more about her in later Captain Warlocks, those haven't come out yet though.
  • Is she on his suit?
  • Yes, you could say that.
  • I'm at the next destination now, and some guy left a suitcase, which turned into four robots! I have some sort of blast shield on, but the whole place is pitch black! How can I defeat them?
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