Miss Clue Fanatic: Season 4, Part 2

Scene: The next day, the children are walking back home from school

Martha: So Alice, what did cousin Anne and Richard say?

Alice: -Sighs- They said I couldn't go without them.

John: What! I've spent all of my allowance on those tickets!

Martha: John!

John: Oh, I mean... Wait, no, that's exactly what I mean!

Lucy: -Chuckle-

Alice: Sorry guys, but my parents just won't budge.

Lucy: Maybe we could all go again on the next opening?

Alice: I hope so, I would hate on missing out.

John: You sure would, because it's gonna be awesome!

Martha: -Steps on his foot-

John: Ow! Okay okay!

Scene: Back at home, the Darcy family is carving Jack-O-Lanterns

Lucy: Mom, Dad, what are Jack-O-Lanterns for?

Josh: Well, back in the old days, Jack-O-Lanterns were used to drive evil spirits away.

Jane: But today, they're just used for decoration.

Lucy: -Gulp- Evil spirits...?

Martha: Don't worry Lucy, the only evil spirits that exist are demons.

Lucy: That doesn't help me!

Martha: Remember what we talked about in Church last Sunday? They can only hurt you if you let them.

Lucy: Oh, right.

Jane: -Laughs- Glad that you paid attention Martha.

Josh: -Puts Jack O Lantern on his head- How do I look?

Lucy: -Laughs- Dad, you're so silly!

Martha: Um, Dad...

Josh: Yes Martha?

Martha: Wouldn't you have problems taking that off?

Josh: Nonsense! -Tries to take it off, but it's stuck-

Jane: -Face palm-

Scene: That night, strange things start to happen...

Martha: -Is playing a racing game on iPod- Yes, yes! Almost to the finish line, and then new high score for this track!

(All of the sudden the game glitches and the iPod shuts off.)

Martha: Noooo! It didn't even need to be charged! -Tries to turn it back on, but it won't work- Ugh.

Lucy: -Entering the room- The phone just cut off, and I was talking to Jasmine!

Martha: At least you weren't going for a new high score!

Josh: (From the other room, with the pumpkin unfortunately still on his head) Jane! The TV isn't working!

Jane: Neither is the blender!

Martha: Why did all of the electricity go out?

Lucy: Maybe it was a power outage?

Josh: Most likely, and if so, it shouldn't last long.

Jane: Well, I guess we won't be having strawberry smoothies with dinner.

Lucy: -Suddenly feels a chill up her spine and shivers-

Martha: You okay Lucy?

Lucy: Yeah, I'm fine, just a little cold. -Shivers-

Martha: -Touches forehead- My goodness Lucy, you're freezing!

(The electricity goes back on, and at the same time, Lucy is warm again.)

Martha: That's odd...

Stay tuned for Season 4, Part 3!

FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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