Miss Clue Fanatic Part Seven!

Scene: Martha and Andrew are in the entrance room

Martha: I swear! Your father isn't here!

Andrew: Technology doesn't lie.

Martha: Well this one does!

Andrew: I don't believe you.

Martha: Why would my family even want your father?

Andrew: Duh, jealousy. You never knew cousin Jane always wanted the formula?

Martha: Don't talk about my mom like that!

Andrew: Don't take my father hostage!

Martha: You know what, fine. If you don't believe me then look around for yourself.

Andrew: Dad! I'm coming for you!

Martha: -Rolls eyes-

Next scene: Martha is in the basement with Lucy bringing the Monopoly board back down

Martha: So that's why he's searching the house.

Lucy: Do mom and dad know?

Martha: Nope. He's a sneaky boy.

Lucy: You can say that again.

Martha: I can't believe he thinks we have cousin Richard.

Lucy: Andrew needs to get some sense knocked into him. -Puts Monopoly board on a shelf-

Martha: Ugh! What is that terrible smell?

Lucy: Well, dad is cooking lunch.

Martha: It doesn't smell like burning food.

Lucy: Do you hear liquid?

Martha: Yeah, I do... -Looks around the room- Oh my gosh!!!

Lucy: What is it?!

Martha: -Points to liquid pouring out from the wall- It's a gas leak!


Next scene: Jane, Josh, Martha, and Lucy are outside as workers enter the house.

Dan (one of the workers): You called us right in time or else this house could have been in flames.

Jane: In flames!?

Dan: Don't worry Ma'am. We'll have the pipes fixed in no time.

Josh: How did the gas leak happen?

Dan: This may seem odd... But it looks like they were purposely damaged.

Martha: Someone damaged our pipes?

Dan: I don't know, but it sure does look that way.

Jane: How would it be possible to damage then?

Dan: -Pulls out a big kitchen knife from pocket- We found this jammed into the main gas pipe.

Lucy: -Eyes widen and whispers to Martha- Martha, didn't cousin Richard used to own a kitchen knife like that!?

Martha: -Whispering- Oh my gosh! He did!

Lucy: -Still whispering- Same size, same color...-Gasp- It even has the pink smiley face I drew on it!

Martha: So... Cousin Richard is somewhere near?

Lucy: Maybe, but maybe it's best if he doesn't come back. -Points to the house-

Martha: Speaking of cousin Richard... Mr. Dan Sir, is the little boy that's still inside okay?

Dan: A little boy?

Martha: Yeah. His name is Andrew.

Dan: I'm sorry, but there was no little boy in that house.

Stay tuned for part eight!

FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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  • Wow epic chapter @PinkyB!  the workers are very authoritative sounding!


    thank you dazzlerdream for the signature
  • - Breathes sigh of relief! -

    Wow, so did Richard stick the knife in the pipe before he was taken away by harry pierces men?  Or did someone who took the knife from Richard Damage the pipes?
  • Great Installment PinkyB!
    Love reading your work!
  • Woo for fanatic posts!
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  • I love your fanatics @PinkyB I'll always be here to read your next one! so don't ever stop!!!!

    loving fan! 
  • Awesome! Love this one!  
    The details are great, like the smiley on the knife!  And Andrew is gone, I wonder what happened to him?
    by the way, what were the end results of the poll?

  • @#Fowzy The results were Both. @SkyLamb Wow, you said you were a fan! Thank you so much!

    FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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  • You're welcome! I am totally a fan!  Love your work Pinky!
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