Astrolabe, after finding note under stairs

I thought that I had to get to 1 on the left dial and 10 on the right dial, to come up with 08 26 1764, but it goes to 27 not 26. I have, so far, I think, done all correctly. Help!! (Thanks)


  • Hi @nanajanet!

    It sounds like you've been doing a really great job!

    Try turning the left knob to:   20
    and the right knob to:     3

    Good luck!! :)
  • VFK, thanks for the clue, but it brings me to 08 26 1760. I wonder if I am missing a clue, or some task that I was supposed to do, first. It's very crazy!! LOL
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    Let me find out where you are!  What does the note say?
  • Oh woodlands forests hills and plains....

  • I thought that it gave the clues of 1 on the left, and 10 on the right.

  • Did Jane say anything about putting the note back after you entered the 1 and the 10?
  • If she did, put the note back under the step, and go to bed!
  • Before I dial it? Ok, I will try, thanks! BTW, she did not say anything, she keep saying that it's not right.

  • Don't go to bed just yet!
  • I tried putting it back, but it won't go. 

  • I may have to go back to an earlier save and start over. 
  • Well, I may have to go to real bed, and start, again, tomorrow. LOL Thanks for the help. Nothing worth doing well, is always easy!
  • Have a great night @nanajanet!  I will leave tips for you on what you need to do next so you'll see them in the morning!
  • Thanks, I really appreciate the help! You have a good night, too! :D
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    Once you have the note, you need to call for the horse, you need to visit the Hunting Lodge, you need to pick up the Astrolabe!

    The number here "Oft have ye heard my (NUMBER)  strain"  on the Left Knob

    And the number here "But now, (NUMBER) for me remains," on the Right Knob!

    After you turn both of the Knobs to those numbers, Jane should say something about putting the note back at the Lantern under the step!

    Then, you return to the Lantern and you put the note back under the step!
    Then you go to bed!
    Then you check to see if the note is gone, do whatever chores you have to, and then go to bed again!
    And then ride to the Tavern and talk to Kitty!

    Good luck @nanajanet!!  Let us know if it works for you! :)


    If you have two notes in your inventory, you need to make sure you put back the one that says "O Woodland, forests, hills, and plains!" under the step!
  • Ok, thanks so much. I started the game over, so I am almost to that point. I did that to make sure I missed nothing. I will definitely let you know how it goes. You are the bomb! 
  • Thanks for all of the help. I did start over and now it worked. I think that I had missed a step, somewhere, and that's why I could not get it to work. HUGS!
  • You're very welcome @nanajanet, I'm glad it's working for you now! ((BIG HUGS!!!))
    Let me know if you have any other questions! :)

  • Ok, I have decided that I hate the astrolabe puzzles. I found out about the pendant and the painting. I spoke with Radcliffe, I wrote the fake note. I saw the date on the astrolabe in the library, before that, of course. I realize that the date changes, for everyone, depending on how many days that I went to bed and woke up. 

    So my head is spinning on how to get the correct date and I if I am changing it at the correct time. I went to the Lantern, but the step sill squeaked but she did not say anything about that. I assume that I must have the correct date on the Astrolabe, then (why, I have NO clue! Ack!). Silly puzzle that makes not sense in this game (does anyone else agree?). 

    Anyway, so, did I do that puzzle wrong and that is why she is not saying that there was no note placed there, by Clement, or do I have to waste more time, go to bed, or what? I strongly dislike puzzle that really puzzle me. LOL

    Thanks for any assistance, in advance.

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    Wow!!  You've done such an amazing job figuring everything out, @nanajanet!  What is the date on the little piece of paper in your inventory?  And I will let you know what you need to turn the Astrolabe knobs to for writing the date on the poem!

    Once the numbers are written on the poem, you will be able to place it under the step!

  • 09/02. I set the date for that, but do I have to subtract? How do I write the numbers on the poem? Thanks!

  • @nanajanet Try Left knob 2 right knob 10 and see if Jane writes it on the poem after you put it into the Astrolabe!
  • I will give it a try. Also, when I went back to start over, I think that I missed the note on the mantle. I don't see it in my items. I hope that is not the issue, but Clement is always in the Library, so I can't look, again. I will try, shortly and see what happens. Thanks!
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    @nanajanet, don't worry, you don't need the note from the fireplace!  Good luck on the Astrolabe!

  • ok thanks!
  • It worked and I am off to catch a thief! Thanks!!!!! Lots of hugs!
  • I finished the game. Good ending and all thanks to you! Grazie!
  • WOOOT WOOT!!!!!  Congratulations @nanajanet you did a great job solving all the puzzles!!!!

    ((BIG HUGS!))

    Mintie :)
  • How does this puzzle work anyway?  Is there a way to solve it or is it random numbers?
  • Howdy @Nelza

    It depends on where you are, if you have the poem from under the stairs that says: Oft have ye heard my, you use the first two numbers in that poem and put them in to the astrolabe in the hunting lodge,

    Like this:
    The  "Oft have ye heard my (Number)  strain"  is for the Left Knob
    And  "But now, (Number) for me remains," is for the Right Knob

    Once you put the two numbers in Jane should mention putting the note back, if she does then you should put the note back under the step and wait for two days to go talk to kitty

    If you have written your own poem then you need to find the date on the astrolabe by turning the knob, however, if you tell me the date on your little piece of paper then I can tell you what to turn them to!

    Just let me know where you are :)

    Good luck Nelza 
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