Miss Clue Fanatic Part Three!

Scene: Martha and Lucy are in their bedroom

Lucy: Martha! Wake up, wake up!

Martha: -Yawns- Is it morning already?

Lucy: No!

Martha: Goodnight then.

Lucy: No no! Look out the window!

Martha: Fine...

(They look out the window and see Andrew stealing items from their basement)

Martha: Why is he doing that!?

Lucy: How am I supposed to know?

Martha: We should get mom and dad.

Lucy: But what if he's gone by then?

Martha: Then in that case...-Pulls up window- ANDREW!

(Andrew looks up and runs away with their stuff in a panic)

Lucy: He's getting away!

Martha: Oh no he isn't! -Runs down the stairs-

Lucy: -Follows her-

Next scene: Martha, Lucy, and Andrew are outside

Martha: Andrew! Get back here!

Andrew: No! -Runs faster-

Lucy: -Is standing at the door- Bring back our stuff!

Martha: We can't catch him if you're just going to stand there!

Lucy: But it's dark out there! All kinds of things are in the dark!

Martha: Yeah, like weird cousins running away with our stuff!

Lucy: I'm not moving from this spot!!

Martha: -Tries to move Lucy-

Andrew: -Laughs loudly as he runs into his house-

Lucy: Great, he got away!

Martha: -Frowns-

Next scene: Early in the morning, Martha and Lucy are outside Anne and Andrew's house

Lucy: We shouldn't be doing this!

Martha: You mess with the Martha, you get the horns!

Lucy: That's not even a phrase!

Martha: Whatever. We have to do this.

Lucy: Okay...

(They climb inside the house through an open window)

Next scene: They are inside the house

Lucy: I don't feel right doing this!

Martha: All we have to do is get our stuff and leave.

Lucy: -Looks at a clock- It's almost seven, mom and dad will wake up soon.

Martha: Don't worry! We'll be out of here in a flash. Now, let's start looking.

(They search around)

Martha: -Hears a beeping sound- Hey, do you hear that?

Lucy: Hear what?

Martha: -Beeping sound- That.

Lucy: Oh, now I do. What could it be?

Martha: I don't know...-Follows the sound-

Next scene: They're at the end of the hallway

Martha: The sound is coming from the wall!

Lucy: ...Did you get enough sleep last night?

Martha: I'm serious! Put your ear towards the wall.

Lucy: -Puts ear towards wall- I hear it! Huh? I hear voices too...

Andrew: Yes, yes! It's working!

Anne: I'm disappointed in you. You shouldn't have done this.

Stay tuned for part four!

FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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  • Wow they keep getting longer!  OMG WHAT IS ANDREW DOING!?!?!  AND ANNE IS IN ON IT?!?!?
    I LOVE THIS!!! This is starting to be part of my morning routine!

    By the way, for the next chapter could you tell what colors Lucy and Martha Like? I'm dying to know!

    thank you dazzlerdream for the signature
  • Ooo this is neat, I'll read the first part before i read this!

    (going to part one)
  • Wow I hope Andrew gets grounded o.o
    Thank you TACOCAT for my awesome signature pic!
  • @MistyMew XD. Martha's favorite color is white because the moon is white. The moon is Martha's favorite planet. Lucy's favorite color is red. :)

    FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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  • enjoying this :D
    keep it up!

  • What is this, what is a fanatic? 

    Cute story though!
    ~~~~~~~neonheartssignature02~~ ~~~~~
  • edited July 2015

    FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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  • I forgot to say I was reading this one!  Great work, Im reading your most recent!
  • nobody told me what a fanatic was!!!!
    ~~~~~~~neonheartssignature02~~ ~~~~~
  • Totally loving this fanatic series!!  You've got to keep it up PINKY!!
    I am a total mystery girl!
    Never without my magnifying glass <3
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