VFK TODAY - 2 Week Break

Hey viewers!

VFK TODAY will be taking the next two weeks off from filming. In the meantime we are putting together a spectacular Thanksgiving show for you - including @dazzlerdream, our biggest giveaway EVER, and a special guest!!

Cya soon! :D


  • OOOOO nice!! Can't wait to see it!  Thanks for the news @CandyCars!

    thank you dazzlerdream for the signature
  • How exciting! I'm sure it'll be worth the wait. Enjoy the two weeks off, you all definitely deserve it!
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    Awe I'll miss VFK today but the next giveaway and next show sounds exciting!! :D
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    -Rosalina ♥
  • Can't wait to see when next show when it comes out!  I can always re-watch previous shows while I wait!
  • Wow this sounds exciting!!  Can't wait to see it, good luck @dazzlerdream!!!
    I am a total mystery girl!
    Never without my magnifying glass <3
    Thanks to @bluewiz for this amazing Secret Santa Christmas present!!
  • Oh Everyone I am so sorry I won't be able to make it!!  Some family issues have come up and I won't be able to be on until after Thanksgiving I think!  I will miss you all!

    See you then!
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