Rose's Super Blog - Post 2 - Merlin's Dungeon Escape Trick

Okay this isn't really a blog post but I found a trick that will help you who can't beat Merlin's Dungeon.

First defeat some bats and rats for prizes.

After you got stuff you like, defeat the enemies around you

2015-10-19 06_33_16 AM Super_Princess_Rosalina - Wizard Dungeon!

After you defeated all the bats and rats around you move your screen far left until you see this exit:

2015-10-19 06_37_54 AM Super_Princess_Rosalina - Wizard Dungeon!

Click on that big hole with the staircase that says way out and no matter how far you are you will teleport right to the exit! Although last time I tried when I moved my screen it was all black so if your screen doesn't move any farther and you have a black screen put your mouse around the area until your mouse is on a way out and click on it. Good luck wizardlings. :ar!

"May the stars shine down on you."
-Rosalina ♥


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