pls post if you like fish

so many questions and NO DONUTS




  • I like fish! I used to have a blue with a little red Betta fish and 2 years later he died and we tried to save him. I was in tears cause he was like my best friend And I loved that fish. :(
    R.I.P Bubbles :((
    "May the stars shine down on you."
    -Rosalina ♥
  • @Super_Princess_Rosalina and @DonutLuverr I had a betta fish too!! mine passed away as well, I had him about 5 years ago, he was a rich red with bits of blue and purple (*Soooooo Pretty*) Then all of a sudden, one day he was upside down.
     I still can't believe I didn't get a picture of him!
  • Wow I guess EVERYONE has or had a betta fish!!
    I have one!!  It's on my night stand.  She is a purple girl betta fish and kind of fat, I need to feed her less O_o
  • I DO
  • i had a goldfish. It lived for 8 years. its name was goldie. It was such a good goldfish. I miss it. One of my cat knocked over the bowl when we weren't and ate it.
    Thank you TacoCat!!!!!
  • Aww, that's so sad Pringles :O RIP Fishy 
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    I don't have a fish, but my mom does.  Its a Betta too actually, I guess it's a pretty popular fish!
     Sorry to hear about a lot of your fishes dying, but life goes on and they are happy now!  B-)
  • my betta fish is SO cute her name is kristen dimera and she's white with red fins and she has a little surf shop decoration that she hides in. hehe I love her

    so many questions and NO DONUTS



  • OMG I don't like fish I LOVE THEM!!!! I want to get one, what kind of fish do you think I should get?
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    NeonHearts said:

    OMG I don't like fish I LOVE THEM!!!! I want to get one, what kind of fish do you think I should get?

    I think you should get a Betta Fish! They are really pretty and live long! If you get a Betta fish I would get a boy betta fish cause they are prettier I got a girl once but she passed after 2 weeks. My boy betta fish Bubbles only lived 2 years  but I think he got sick and passed but I looked it up and a site said that betta fish live 6 years I think it was a long time when I looked that up but I believe it said 6 years. Goldfish live longer but whenever I got a goldfish it passed within a few days. :|
    "May the stars shine down on you."
    -Rosalina ♥
  • Thankz @Super_Princess_Rosalina I think bettas are so pretty!! What colors were yours?
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    NeonHearts said:

    Thankz @Super_Princess_Rosalina I think bettas are so pretty!! What colors were yours?

    Your welcome and mine was blue but I had a red one before I got Bubbles but it passed after 2 weeks from freezing.:/
    "May the stars shine down on you."
    -Rosalina ♥
  • @NeonHearts I would suggest getting an angel fish!  They are so pretty!  I don't know much about fish though. :P

    thank you dazzlerdream for the signature
  • fish are the best.  I dont have any bettas like all of ya'll but ive got a tank full of lake fish my brother and i caught (its not a very clean tank...)
  • I dont have any fish, but my friend gave me a snail last year for my birthday... heres a drawing i did of him :)
    his name is charlie
    thank you so much TacoCat for my awesome awesome awesome Christmas signature pic!!!
  • I had a beta fish and then my sister's cat knocked over his water bowl and ate him.  :((
  • Lol i think fish are cute and pretty but I have a cat, and my lord i'd be terrified that the fishy would go bye-bye in like... less than 2 days o.o
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  • I've had betta fish my whole life, had a goldfish once too. Don't have any currently, got two hamsters instead... lol :)

  • Oh gosh I love fish! I had 5 freshwater tanks set up at one point full of really neat fish. I was so upset when I had to get rid of them for a move. I so wish I had the space for it again


    HUGS buddy! :'D

  • i love fishies!! :D
  • I used to have a tank with about 10 assorted guppies, some catfish and a mystery snail in it. I had to get rid of them for moving to college but they were really cool while I had them! 2 of my fish had babies so I got to see the little ones swimming around in the tank, and a few grew to adulthood. Pretty cool!
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    Wow that is super cool @LadyNymeria
    Cool just got cooler!
  • WOw! it’s been so nice coming back to read about everyone’s fishies!

    I’m actually going to be in the process of moving very soon & i plan on taking my little betta fish on an airplane! i’ve researched everything pretty well & it looks like it should be no problem to take my little betta through airport security & on the plane! He should survive no problem! but im still kinda nervous!!! :( Fingers crossed everything goes well! What fish wouldve thought he’d be a traveller! HAHA

    so many questions and NO DONUTS



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