Chapters 1 - THE END

What's your intake on the entire Miss Clue, so far?!

Rikki Tiki Tavi - Formula For Danger
  1. Did you expect the formula to be hidden inside the Rikki Tiki Tavi Book?
    1. Yes! I did.
    2. No, I didn't.
    3. Maybe after a couple of the recent chapters...


  • Nice poll llama! Please keep adding more polls I think they are very interesting :)


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  • I LOVE MISS CLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Are you guys ready...for the most epic spoiler....EVER?????

    Get ready...Here it comes!

    Anne and Alex dated before. If you ask the parrot at the right time, it will say Rebecca. Anne's middle name is Rebecca. And, Alex looks like Noah. Alex has a cobra weight, just like the ones Jane Darcy has. And, a book signed by Mr. Gardiner himself. And, a note in the trash can.

  • OMG NO WAY!!! Thanks @Purplellama
  • MOST EPIC UPDATE Thanks @Purplellama!!! AND Anne talked about NOAH YES!
  • @ColourzRnice


    Yep. I found this out. And also....

    After talking to Anne, go to the Morse Code book at the right time, and take a picture of the code. Like, not the instructions, but the actual codes. Then, go to the chalkboard in Anne's father's lab, and go to the back of it. Then, type in (Morse Code) "Rikk Tikk Tikk"

  • wow I'm not on chapter 10 yet but it sounds cool!
  • Chapter X was really suspenseful.  Can't wait for Chapter XI. ^^
    Who's with me?!  Smile if you're excited!


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