Miss Clue Fanatic Part Eleven!

Scene: Martha and Lucy are going to the Junior Detectives Club

Lucy: Where are we going?

Martha: To the Junior Detectives Club.

Lucy: Ooh! I've always wanted to join that!

Martha: We aren't going to join.

Lucy: Aww, then what's the point?

Martha: We're going to find Alice, remember?

Lucy: Maybe we shouldn't...

Martha: Why not?

Lucy: Well, Andrew says Alice has the third piece right?

Martha: Right... That's why we're here.

Lucy: But he also said the formula was powerful. If we combine the three pieces, cousin Richard would surely want us.

Martha: We'll do it in secret. Nobody will know except the three of us.

Next scene: They arrive at the club

Martha: -Knock knock-

Julia (Remember her? She was co-leader instead of Alice): What's the password?

Martha: Oh gosh...

Julia: That's the one! Come on in! -Opens the door-

Lucy: How did you know?

Martha: I didn't.

(They enter)

Lucy: Nice treehouse! It's huge! And modern in some ways.

Julia: Thank you, thank you! My dad designed it.

Martha: Cool.

Julia: Wait a minute, you two aren't club members! GET OUT!

Lucy: Wait! We're here to see someone.

Julia: Fine. Who is it?

Martha: Alice.

Julia: She's in the examining room, down the hall to the left.

Martha: Great, thanks!

Next scene: They go to the examining room

Lucy: Um, Alice?

Alice: -Turns around startled- Whoa! How did you guys get here?

Lucy: Through the front door.

Alice: That's obvious but... Oh never mind!

Martha: Is your last name Fields?

Alice: Yes, it is, why?

Martha: Is it true that you have a necklace?

Alice: You bet I do! -Shows them the necklace- I wear it all the time.

Lucy: This may sound crazy... But your necklace is part of our necklaces.

Martha: They're divided into three pieces. You have the middle piece.

Alice: So you're trying to take my necklace??

Lucy: No, we want to combine them.

Alice: And they need to be combined because...?

Martha: When combined, they open a passage that leads to a hidden formula.

Alice: Ooh! What can this formula do?

Lucy: It prevents rust, but it has one more powerful ability.

Alice: What is it?

Martha: We don't know, but we want to find out.

Alice: Sounds like a super-ultra-awesome mystery to solve! I'm in!

Julia: (Was secretly listening outside the door) Oooh, father would be delighted to hear about this! Hehe, it feels good to be a Pierce!

Stay tuned for part twelve!

FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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  • Wow, just when you think things are looking up Someone is listening at the door!!! AND SHE IS A PIERCE! :OOOO  (wonders who she got to be co-leader in the first place)

    Awesome thanks @PinkyB

    thank you dazzlerdream for the signature
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    WOOOOO Part Eleven!  Aww man no popcorn this time!  (grabs invisible popcorn)

    OH NO! Harry Pierce has a daughter!?!?!?!? And here I was starting to like Julia!!!!!

    Thanks Pinky for the awesome next part!!!!  How many parts are you thinking of writing!?

    -Fanatic fan

  • Great work again! thanks for part eleven, Wow you're already on part eleven, neato!
  • (is still speechless from last part) I still can't believe this! (speechless again)
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  • @SkyLamb I don't know XD. It'll be around for a while though. Thanks for the comments!

    FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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  • Great work pink!!!!!!!!! keep up the great work!!!!!!!!! can't wait to see chapter 12 B-)


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  • The story is developing really great!  Keep it up!
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