MissClue: Formula For Danger Walkthrough

Here is a complete walkthrough for MissClue: Formula For Danger!

We start our adventure with Jane reading her letter to Nixie!
Look around the bedroom, watch your magnifying glass to turn red, click on those things and store into inventory if you can. Next click on the phone and call Aunt Ellen! 
Before you leave you need to pick up your room key from the Desk draw, click to open it you will see a room key (room 8) take the key (click on it that will place storage area on bottom of screen)
Don't forget to also pick up the letter opener.
Go through the brown door, click on the door knob to open it and go downstairs.  Look around and get closer to the refrigerator, click on the key storage panel Jane will mention the Boat Shack Key is gone!  
Back up and then go to the stove to make the doughnuts your Aunt asked about. 

Making Doughnuts:

First, click on the stove dial which controls the heat, turn it on low, either 1 or 2, (Very important to have it low, any hotter and the room will explode when you light the gas.)


Next, light a patch from the match holder on the wall, you will want to to this quickly because if you wait too long, too much gas as entered the room and will explode when you light it o.o


Phew, now our burner is on!  However, the flame is too low to heat the oil sufficiently to cook our doughnuts, so now turn it up to 5 or 6 in temperature (Click on the RIGHT side, if you click the left you may accidentally turn it to OFF and then you'll have to relight the stove, I had to!)

Now to cook our doughnuts, just roll back the towel and put a doughnut in the oil!  Jane will let you know when you turn.  

Careful, because if you leave the doughnut in too long, the grease may catch fire!  In that case, follow the instructions below:

Grab the Baking soda from the cabinet near by and use it on the oil! YAY the fire is out!

Cook all the doughnuts (About 8!)

Once all the doughnuts are done Jane will turn off the burner and you're all set!  Its time to go exploring!

You can pick up the cake cover and see all your beautiful doughnuts!

If you look in the broom closet you can pick up a broom there, do so:

Then go to the drawers on the right and look through them seeing what you can find, which would be a cork, take that!

You can explore more around the house, check out the book shelf and other things of course, however, It's time to go outside, so go out either the back or front door!

Just as you're putting your hand on the doorknob you hear a scream!  Oh my! what could have happened?  Jane thinks it came from the lake, so let's go that way!  Take to the trails!


At the boat dock you find there's only an old boat there with water inside, and Jane mentions you need a bucket.  Head to the boat shack and see that it is locked :O

Time to Call Aunt Ellen!  

Talk to Aunt Ellen about the scream you heard, when she tells you to go check for guests, hang up and call her again.  Tell her there aren't any guests and just an old boat is at the dock.  You can take the boat, however it's missing oars so she tells you to go to the boat shack, you then tell her the boat shack key is gone, but check to make sure.  Hang up and call again :D

Tell Aunt Ellen the Boat shack key is gone and talk to her about where it might be, after that it's time to find the boat shack key! Woo!

First go to the book shelf in the living room and look at the book on boats, it's very informative!  Then head over and look behind the middle cushion on the couch:

Now we have the key! Let's run to the boat shack!

Unlock the boat shack and then look around until you find:

  1. A rubber mallet
  2. Sand paper
  3. an Oar lock
  4. A Bucket
  5. Oars

MCVOarlock MCVMallet MCVOars MCVBucket

Now that we have everything we need, let's Head to the dock!

Fixing the boat:
  • First; take the bucket and bail out the water.
  • Second; back up and click the front of the boat to pull it out of the water.MCVBoatFlip
  • Third; take the cork from earlier and put it in the hole and secure it with the rubber mallet, hitting it twice.
  • Fourth; take the oar lock and put it in the hole on the far side
  • Fifth, put the oars in the boat!

YES!  We are ready to get in the boat and check on our cousin Anne!!




  • The famous donut frying scene!

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  • Nice work so far @dazzlerdream I'm looking forward to seeing it done!  Formula For Danger has a special place in my heart for some reason, probably because my grandmother lived in Michigan and I would go and visit her in the summer time, I had a lot of fun around the lake.

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    Thank you so much @spygirl!  I've added more, and my goal is to add to it each day, so fingers crossed!  (I hate unfinished things :-w )

    I really love Formula for Danger too!  I haven't given it much thought which Miss Clue was my favorite, I'll have to think about it.

    I've never been on a lake in my life, or to Michigan either but I've read some books and mystery novels that take place around a lake, such as Mystery Plays a Golden Flute by Annette Turngren and it sounds really fun!  Hopefully one day I can make it to a big lake for boating!!  Summers like that sound really wonderful Spygirl, you said she lived there, did your grandmother move somewhere else? 

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