Tasks? I'm tired.

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Just wanted to see why these tasks are becoming such a hassle to do? 
I don't understand why we are needing to learn enchantments on clone accounts to get bundles for lanyards. It literally takes a week + more if we're busy with having jobs, going to school, etc. I can't be playing this game 24/7 and I wanted to see what you all really think about it? 
Maybe we can help staff with newer ideas for host events - maybe bring back more host hunts and rooms? Or just easier tasks... I'd rather play 15 games than do a week worth of Quests in order to EVEN START tasks.

Thank u. 


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    I liked the tasks at first. I thought they were a nice change of pace especially around a time of year that is usually so slow. However, I wish they were more of a challenge and less monotonous repetition. I definitely prefer host events over these tasks, no question
  • Having the tasks give people an opportunity to maybe get multiple items. Whereas some people can go an entire host hunt and not see one host or they have prior obligations and miss out on host hunts altogether.  Some people can do an entire host hunt and get MULTIPLES. Tasks although lengthy give some players an opportunity to get what they otherwise might have missed. As with the tasks, I did not have Merfolk so on many of my avatars they did not get outfit or pin or bubbling cauldron.
    Now with the space tasks, again, I do not have many Space Enchantment, so I need to get busy getting that besides starting tasks. ROFL....But then again on Host Hunts I  would not have gotten multiples.  And they keep the tasks up long so eventually the end goal can be reached.
  • I hate host hunts. Spend a hour staring at the screen yesterday never to see a host. At least with tasks you will receive a item for your time.
  • I liked the tasks at first, but I do agree they are getting a bit monotonous. I’d prefer something a little more challenging rather than tedious because then it all just starts to feel like a chore rather than a fun task.

    With host events, items are supposed to be exclusive, they aren’t intended to be “everybody wins!” situations. Like host hunts, balloon whirl, quick sand, wrangling games, etc., you are given a chance to win if you are so lucky to get that chance, and then a reward if you are fast enough/lucky enough/skillful enough. For the competitive crowd of the game, no question these are the kinds of events they prefer. Also, the trading area of the game pretty much relies on the exclusivity/elusiveness of items to stay alive.

    It ultimately comes down to personal preference. I don’t think either kind of event style or preference is right nor wrong. Some people like a good competition, some people prefer to work towards a prize at a more time consuming, slower rate as long as it means they get something out of it. I don’t see a reason why we can’t compromise and have both. I’ve liked a lot of task prizes, like the ultimate outfits and ultimate pins that we wouldn’t otherwise get. However it did rub me the wrong way to see items that are traditionally host items, like the Valentine’s magics and annual Crossword hat, been given as task rewards rather than keeping to tradition. It’s not the end of the world, of course. I just wish... maybe if we could get a few less tasks (because I feel like it’s been nonstop since Valentine’s Day) and a few more host events... maybe we could all be satisfied.
  • Why not both like they are doing rn :)
  • QuickMagic said:

    Why not both like they are doing rn :)

    I agree, if it were to be consistent.

  • I 100% agree.

    I avoided doing tasks since they involved doing things I don't enjoy (ie: puzzles, visiting NPCs, gardening) but it seems that's the only thing really going on in game... which is so sad to me, so I've been trying out the new spring tasks since I'm tired of just standing in a room all day. I understand the demand for tasks from players who want an opportunity to get new items, but what about the rest of us? I ENJOY host events. I ENJOY antique shop. I ENJOY building contests. I'm sure many others do as well. How come the recent host events have just been automatic rides? Where is the fun in that? I miss the balloon whirls, soccer style games. I'm sure staff is busy with prepping for the anniversary and I bet they have all worked EXTREMELY hard to put together tasks & the rewards for them... but what is there to keep those of us who don't enjoy tasks involved in the game? As each day passes, I start looking for other games to keep me entertained during quarantine.

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