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  • I have these -

    Funeral Wreath
    Wizard Stack of Books - tall
    Wizard pile of Books
    Candles in Cage
    Enchanted Wizard Book and stand

    Christmas Bird Cage
    Moon/Star Music Box

    I haven't checked all but this so far.
    November 2021
  • mamasama
    big hugs casey!!  hope you are well. i'm doing good here. God watch over you and yours during this horrible pandemic!

    i need to look for TIki Lava Pits - need at least 5.  Would you know the value on them? 

    I'd really appreciate it.  i borrowed some from park for sand castle competition and its they are integral to my design, hard to move. and i don't take anything from my contest rooms at all - especially 1st place rooms - if i can help it. 

    Thanks for any info! 
    A million hugs!!!  
    mama ♥.

    OHHHHHHHH BTW!!!!!   GOT MY FEATHER HAT!!!!  WOOT!!!!!  SO HAPPY!!!!!  :) 
    September 2020
  • mamasama

    hi casey!  congrats on your feather!  I found somebody wants to trade feather too!!  must be year of the feather!  woot!

    but I do need help with values if you could.  I will copy list he supplied with items I have in red bold with amount I have in parens. if you could please give me values of those in red I would really appreciate it!

    list is mostly host hats so I am going to add some hats that are not on the list that I have, as he suggested.

    idk ... ???   would love to be able to spend a little time with you going over my inventory to help me find items that add up to the feather's value. 

    here is his list:


    Ice************** (have 10 carts and 6 parfait)

    1* Q******** (have 1 each ruby and emerald) one of them thanks to you :)

    Beanie****** (not trading my beanie! lol)

    Headdress (don't really want to trade) :(

    Turtle hat

    Turkey hat (1)

    Candle hat (1)

    Girls snowman sweater

    Girls reindeer sweater (2)

    Girls snowshoes (1)

    Wizard (1)

    Tree hat (does this mean swirl tree hat? have to ask him. if so I can trade 2)

    Twin Pine

    Giraffe scarf (1)

    Visor (1)

    Lovebug (1)

    Original leprechaun (1)

    Original crossword (1)

    Frog hat

    Turtle pin

    Giraffe Pin

    Hippo pin


    Girls white skeleton pants (not trading)

    Original antlers (1)

    Rudolph antlers (1)

    Angel shoes (not trading)

    Blue valentine

    Blue koala

    Any other host hat not listed worth 2 or more ice (will send list of hats I have)

    I can send more options if needed, looking to get around 28-30 q for this :)

    here are other hats and clothes I have not on the list (not sure on some if host or what?):

    2008 uncle sam hat
    2008 earmuffs

    2009 tall stripe clover hat
    2009 miner's hat
    2009 alien oculars (headband w/2 eyes)
    2009 gold tricorne
    2009 tiki mask (2)
    full tea party blue
    full tea party green
    full tea party orange
    2009 candy corn hat

    2010 host midsummer mask (2)
    2010 johnny appleseed hat (silver)
    2010 full little red riding hood outfit
    2010 game tees

    2011 logo tees
    2011 racing jersey

    2012 logo hats

    can't stay awake so ... to be continued .... 

    have other hats, clothes, magics, pins, furni, etc.

    hope u don't mind and that u can help!
    million hugs!! 

    February 2018
    • mamasama
      ps - sorry about all the double spaced paste - thought I had fixed that! :)
    • I.Am.Chalk
      Hi mama! Thank you! Lets see here...
      16 ice = 4 Q Magics
      2 Q Magics
      Headdress = 2 Q Magics
      Turkey Hat = 1 ice
      Candle Hat = 1 Q
      Reindeer Sweater = 2 ice
      Snowshoes = 1 Q
      Wizard Hat = 1 Q
      (Holly Jolly) Tree Hat = 1 ice
      Giraffe Scarf = 1 ice
      Visor = 2 ice
      Lovebug = 1 ice
      OG Leprechaun = 2 ice
      OG Crossword = 2 ice
      OG Antlers = 2 ice
      Rudolph Antlers = 2 ice

      Right now you are at about 15 Q Magics!

      From the other list:
      Tea party outfits - 1 ice each
      2010 Midsummer Mask - 2 ice each
      Racing Jersey - 1 ice
      Logo Tee / Hat Set - 2 ice
    • mamasama
      this is great!! thanks!! so with both lists so far I am at about 17 q magics! ugh!! lolol
  • Itz_Chocolate_Queen
    chalk do you still need the ice coin jersey?
    February 2018
  • I am at the castle gates

    January 2018
  • What would you value a crafted wizard costume at?
    January 2018
    • I.Am.Chalk
      Oh man I have no idea... I see people looking for them all the time but barely anyone trading them.. Maybe an ice each?
  • Itz_Chocolate_Queen
    hi chalk i can give you credits for some crafting clothes 
    January 2018
  • sunday_monkey
    Hey are by chance going to be on at all tonight? I can meet up pretty much any time for our trade. (passing out candy to trick or treaters :)  
    October 2017
  • MandaBear
    I love your signature, did you make it yourself?
    September 2017
    • I.Am.Chalk
      MidnightMystery made it for me! :)
      I made a post in general and had a bunch of people make some for me :)
    • Marzipan
      It is a really cool signature Chalk!
  • SparkleDream
    great profile picture!
    August 2017
  • 10 Angora Striped Socks Patterns 7500
    10 Angora Floppy Hat Patterns 7500
    10 Angora Mutze Patterns 75000
    10 Angora Coverup Patterns 6000
    10 Gator Sock Patterns 7500
    10 Angora Fur Hat Patterns 6000
    Storage Container Set: 1 Garden, 1 Trunk, 2 EA, 2 Colorful 14400
    Christmas Pendants: Red Tree, Silver Tree, Candy Canes 4000
    Bunny Slippers 9000
    Bunny Buddy Set 15000
    Weekend Wear Black Tank Top, Cheer Pants, Charcoal Paw Prints 3000
    Black Leather: 2 Lounges, Ottoman, Chair 7200
    Anime Vocalist Headset, Skirt 1800
    Fashionation: 1 Sofa, 1 Lounge, 2 Chair 4200
    10 Roadside Sign 6000
    4 Fashionation Wall Table 1600
    3 Black Ship Cannon 1200 
    2 Pool Patio Dark Wood Table 1200
    White Pool Patio Chair 1200
    2 White Pool Lounge Chair 7200

    TOTAL: 119000
    July 2017
  • Holly
    I am on the map now for closing party so if you want to meet we can. :D
    June 2017
  • Fowzy
    Hey Chalk, I posted something that I hope might help you but the @ Didn't work, so I don't know if it notified you, so I am letting you know here!
    July 2015