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In this post, I will be telling you exactly what to do to complete Trials of Salem.

There is really not much to explain in the beginning, as most of it is explaining the storyline. You begin by joining Aunt Catherine and some others downstairs. You listen as she tells you lots of storyline. You will watch a short video and listen to lots of discussing and more information. You'll end the day by reading a journal entry and heading to bed.

Task 1/2: Shutting the window
You wake up and it seems to be storming wildly outside. You hear lots of creepy noises. Head over to the window once you can get up. Part the curtain and open it up and you will witness a ghost run across your yard. You seem to deny it, probably too scared to believe it. Shut the window, lock it, and close the curtains before heading back to bed.

Task 2/2: Changing your outfit
In the morning, you'll wake up and it is time to change your outfit. Click the chest by the window you investigated last night. Open it up for all your clothes. You cannot wear the black dress in fear of being accused of a witch. I don't think it matters what you choose from the other selections, although I think you are meant to lean towards the blue as she says brown is disgusting, green is good, and blue is perfect. After choosing, grab your bonnet and Bethia will knock at your door.

You chat a little bit about the weather before agreeing to go downstairs and talk to Mrs. True. You hear more storyline, learning that her grandmother is going to be executed in 4 days. She is being held in a private cell in Judge Corwin's home...how disgusting, right? You learn that Judge Crowin's home is the first on the left in Salem Town. I'm guessing you'll want to remember this for later.

You keep chatting and decide to go help an ill friend make candles. You head to their house with Bethia and learn all the supplies are on the right of the fireplace.

Start by clicking the box next to the fireplace and taking everything in there. You should have 6 items in your inventory if you have collected everything. Back out from the box and click the stick of wood next to it. You should get two pieces of wood and a black pot. The next part is pretty self explanatory as you have an instruction paper, but I will explain it here anyway.
1) Take the long stick (the one without the indents in it) and place it on pot
2) Take the smaller pot and place it on pot
3) Place the wax in (the icon that has four of them)
4) Place the single piece of wax in
5) Take the piece of wood with the indents in it and place it on pot
6) Take the string and click the wood, and click to dunk them
7) Take the pebbles and click the string
8) Take the stringed wood and click the bucket of water next to you
9) Repeat dunking them in wax and then water until she tells you that it is done
9) Take the scissors and cut off the pebbles

Bethia comes back and you discuss delivering the candles. It sounds like you will be taking the Judge's batch. You arrive in the horse's stable. Walk all the way to the back and enter the room.

The door to the tack room blows shut and then as you look through the spaces between the door lightning hits and catches the hay on fire!

The door latch fell when it slammed so you have to find something small that can fit through and flip up the latch.  Look under the work table behind the Oats, you'll find a chisel that works perfectly!  Don't forget to get the saddle blanket from the trunk to beat the fire out once the door is open!





It takes several times before the fire is out so don't give up!
After the fire is out it's time to get the harness from the tack room and put it on Runner, cinch up the straps and climb aboard!

You trot away to Corwins noticing a lovely spot while on your way.  Once you get to Judge Corwin's house you knock on the door and deliver the candles, however he is very unpleasant and makes threats!

After that you leave and begin to ride to the bridge when you decide you would very much like to speak a moment with the groom.  You get off your horse and loosen either the trace, bellyband, or breast strap, then take Runner's reins and lead him over to Corwin's Carriage house.  On the way over you notice a blue boar in the woods!  You talk to the groom and find out some very interesting information then he fixes your harness and you head home!

Once back at the ordinary stables you unharness Runner put him back in his stall and get him some grain with the bucket in his stall

After Runner is all set you mosey back over to the Inn and check in on Janie True, she is worried as can be expected with the impending doom of her grandmother so you try and comfort her as best you can.  Bethia shows up, you all have dinner and then discuss taking a walk.   Walking in the night, you're leading Janie and Bethia to the
magical spot you saw earlier. Just keep clicking forward and you should
find it, and then once again to approach a log surrounded by witches
weeds. After they bloom, click the bushes to find a stick that is
glowing green. Just listen to the conversations and watch the following
scenes and you'll arrive back home.

saying goodnight, you plan on sneaking over to Corwin's. Head to your
chest and change into the black clothing items and grab the lantern. Get
to the fireplace and pull one of the sticks that is halfway in the
fire. Pull up your lantern and click the stick to light it. Then you're
all set to go! 

arrive at the barn, and boy is it dark. I'll admit, this gave me a
creepy feeling. Approach Runner once again. This time, though, you will
not be taking the wagon. You'll be using a saddle. Head to the back room
and try to unlock the chest to the left. I don't know why you can't use
the saddle laying on the counter but...you decide to sneak into the
back room to find the key. Oh, Jane, do you not see where this is

Head to the back and unlock the door with your chisel. Once you step inside, you can't make any noise or you will be given the "Another chance?" screen. Click the barrel in the back right corner, move the blanket, grab the key. This is not the
key to unlock the saddle chest but I recommend grabbing it anyway. Then
move to his nightstand. Click the cup to move it off the key silently.
Grab the key and exit.

to the tack room and use the nightstand key to unlock the chest and
grab a saddle. Above it you can grab a bridle as well. Return to Runner
and gear him up, you try to contact Mrs. Bradbury but are interrupted by Corwin who takes Mrs. Bardbury away.  You follow them back to the main house and can hear them talking from the window above!  You have to make a stack high and safe enough to get to the window!
TOSWindow TOSStack
You over hear all that Judge Corwin has planned and is planning. (The wicked man!)  Once he's finished they rise to leave and you must make haste back behind the barn.  After a second, look into the jail window, speak with Mrs. Bradbury and then return home!
Once safely back in the barn, unsaddle runner, then curry and give him grain.

Tack1 Tack2 Tack3 toscurry1 toscurry2 tosgrain1 tosgrain2 tosgrain3

Before you leave you have to return the key to the trunk for the Groom doesn't miss it in the morning.

After the key is returned it's time to head back to the ordinary for some much needed rest, however we have to put on our night gown first before we collapse onto our bed! Not only is it more comfortable but We wouldn't want an unsuspecting maid to enter our room and discover we were wearing black!
In the morning we read the letter from our dear mamma, and get ready for the day.
Then head down stairs to see everyone.  We talk to Janie about her grandfather and although she is encouraged by the number of signatures he has collected we know that it is of little use!
Bethia soon arrives and we inquire about Rebecca, she says he is still doing poorly and so you mention how you noticed her supply of bayberry wax was almost gone.  you suggest a berry picking trip and all are in favor!  
Once all the Berry picking is finished, a rather unwelcome guest arrives and all three of you make a mad dash away!  You and bethia go to Rebecca's house and then inside to make the Bayberry wax!



TOSwax2 TOSwax3 TOSwax4 TOSwax5

Once you're finished you speak with Bethia again and she stays to clean up while you go to check on Janie.  You suggest a game of mills which she accepts and the game begins!

(If you've played Pente then you'll have a good grasp of how it works)
How to play mills (or Nine Men's Morris):

The goal is to get your opponent down to only 2 tokens.

Play starts with the board empty of pieces.
The board consists of a grid with twenty-four intersections or points.
Each player has nine pieces, or "men", usually coloured black and white. 
You take turns trying to place your pieces in a way that you have 3 in a row  or can easily get them that way.
This part is crucial to winning (although you don't have to win against janie) If you place your pieces badly you will always lose.
Once all pieces are on the board play begins
Players try to form 'mills'—three of their own men lined horizontally or vertically—allowing a player to remove an opponent's man from the game. 
You move a piece by clicking on it and click on an adjacent dot to that piece. 
NOTE: Pieces involved in 'mills' can not be taken.

TOSmills1 TOSmills2

Once your game with Janie has ended, Bethia arrives and then SAMUEL!!

After becoming acquainted with Samuel you give him the message that his grandfather wished you and your mamma to pass on! He reads it and asked that you all meet him in the barn to discuss matters while he saddles his horses.  Once in the barn he informs you that Janie True is to be charged with witch craft tomorrow, and that he must take her away tonight!  Janie is worried about her grandmother but you tell her of your adventure last night and that everything looks like you will be able to free her!  
TOSjaniesbedroom2 TOSjaniesbedroom1
You leave the barn and head to Janie's room to collect the needed clothing and belongings Janie will need for her journey!
You get:
A dress
Money Purse
And Cloak


Then put them all into bag and run back to the barn!

 When you arrive back at the barn Samuel informs you that some people have gathered outside who will see him and Janie leave if they try to, which would be very bad.  Your quick mind thinks of a plan instantly and you take bethia with you while Janie and Samuel finish with the horses!

Once outside with Bethia and you in your black cloaks you tell her your plan of becoming a ghost and scaring the people away.  All that is left is to spread some of the glowing fungus on your black clothes!

Once the people are gone and Janie is off to safety we head upstairs put on our night gown and go to sleep!

In the morning once dressing you head down stairs to see Bethia.  You talk about what Mr. Bradbury said to the news and also mention how Judge Corwin is expecting cakes today and that you might lend a helping hand to Mrs. Rebbeca Preston!

Once at Rebbecas house you start to make the cakes!

First you get out the necessary ingredients needed to make the cake from the goods Mrs. Preston received for her candles! You also get out her cake recipe
TOSchapter5recipe TOSchapter5items

You proceed to add the flour, Sugar, and Salt into the cake tin then stir to combine!

After that you add the butter, eggs, buttermilk, Yeast, and water (Next to the fire use your tin cup) into the bowl and stir to combine! 
Then Empty the Cake tin to the bowl and mix well!  

Pour the finished batter into the cake tin and transport over to the oven on your oven board.  Place the cake into the oven and cover with the oven door!

Once the cake is done remove the oven door and take the cake out with your oven board!

The cakes are done!  WOO!!  you talk to Bethia then go to hitch up trotter who is runner's brother!

You arrive at Judge Corwin's house and knock on the door to deliver the cakes!  You meet Judge Corwin and also Judge stoughton who tell you that they are going over to the court house!

As you ride away you decide to pull off the road and walk back to Judge Corwin's house to get a peek inside while they are gone!

You slowly walk up to the house then you notice judge Corwin and Stoughton leaving!  you duck behind the wall to watch them leave and once they are gone you finally approach the front door....

Now inside the Spooky interior of Judge Corwin House, you look around for the land grant when suddenly you hear a noise, you have to hide quickly under the table.  Judge Corwin and Stoughton come into the room, you over hear their wicked and evil plot before they leave again with the papers they wanted. 

It's more important than ever to get that Land Grant, you find the Land Grant inside a draw of a small oak table across the room.  Its time to leave and drive home, once safely in the barn your remove the harness and tack from Trotter and put him back in his stall.

You pick up the grain bucket to give him some nice oats for all his hard work and head down the hall to the Tack room to scoop some oats out of the bag in the corner.

After you give trotter his treat you go over to the Ordinary to talk to Bethia.  If you're scheme is going to work you have to leave while the Groom is out at Judge Corwin's, if Samuel doesn't arrive soon, you will have to leave on your own.

You go up stairs to your room and then to your trunk to change into something suited for a night ride.  Once dressed for your adventure to go back down stairs to Bethia, Samuel has still not arrived and you sneak over to the Stables in the dark to get Trotter and attempt the rescue, alone...

With the harness from the Tack room, quietly you hitch up Trotter for your night excursion, and silently drive out of the barn.

You arrive at Judge Corwin's and step cautiously through the woods in the almost pitch black night to the stable where Mrs. Bradbury is being held captive.  Inside the stable to go toward the stalls and talk to Mrs. Bradbury, but just as you are lifting the bar you hear something and have to hide!

Turning around to a near by stall you duck inside!  Phew that was a close one, It's Judge Corwin come to check on Mrs. Bradbury. After he goes it's time to get away and with the utmost haste!

You unlock the door to Mrs. Bardbury and you and her push up some hay to make it look like a person and you take the bonnet from Rebecca Preston and put it on the top to complete the scene.

Safely outside you and Mrs. Bradbury head back around the Stable to Trotter and the cart.  You both climb in and are off down the road.

While riding along revealing the entire plot to Mrs. Bradbury and your little owl friend lands on your cart to once again warn you of danger.  You pull over and a ride goes by, you are safe YAY!

Finally you meet Samuel and Mr. Bradbury!  Mr. Bradbury gets out of the wagon and comes over to help Mrs. Bradbury down. You talk a while and they mention their horse is injured and can't go much further, Mrs. Bradbury takes a look and the horse seems to be alright again!  

Samuel takes Mr. and Mrs. Bradbury to safety and you drive back to the Ordinary, your wonderful work and bravely paying off in the best way, the saving of life!

Jane Writes in her Journal and you go back to the present day of the 1820s in Pemberley with Aunt Catherine, and Mr. and Mrs. Radcliffe

Congratulations!  You solved Trials of Salem!!

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