Looking for any of the chocolate pins!

I'm looking for at least one of the below chocolate pins (doesn't matter which)

- Valentine's Day Chocolate Pin - Bonbon
- Valentine's Day Chocolate Pin - Heart
- Valentine's Day Chocolate Pin - Strawberry
- Valentine's Day Chocolate Pin - Assortment

I have 
all sorts of pins from the last several years (except antique and host) 
various heirloom plants
various quest clothing including the below:
benjamin mail bag
2017 hug day tee
2017 heart bag 
bubble gum shoes,
peanutbutter pancake hat
traveling straw hat
observe hat, 
chocolate cream sandwich hat,
double chocolate donut hat
flag necklace, 
colonial shirt
watermelon pants
canada scarf, 
fourth of july slippers,
fourth of july streamer hat
citrus chocolate waffel hat
colonial cape
cow costume
thanksgiving owl
snowflake gloves
ben franklin bifocal glasses
2018 hug day tee
sprinkles pancake hat
2017 heart bag 
clover lei
brown bunny outfit
galactic straw hat
chocolate cone hat 
mint cone hat
teal cone hat 
vanilla cone hat
banana cone hat
blueberry cone hat 
strawberry cone hat
wildberry cone hat
cherry cone hat
pistachio cone hat
boston cream donut hat
watermelon bag, 
strawberry cream waffle hat
purple hard hat
honey bee pants
2019 heart bag
raspberry pancake hat
bubble gum lei, 
2019, clover lei, 
alien purple jacket
island straw hat
chocolate glaze vanilla drizzle hat
grey bunny suit,
canada sweater, 
swirl cookie hat
teal hard hat
honey bee hat
strawberry rain boots, 
fire fighter suit, 
2020 hug tee, 
apple mint pancake hat
spring straw hat
double chocolate cookie hat
2020 donut hat
watermelon hat
snickerdoodle cookie hat
2020 waffle hat
white owl outfit

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  • how did you get the pins?
  • I have strawberry and assortment. Looking for yesterdays (Friday) racing pin
  • edited February 21
    Unfortunately I wasn't able to get that pin yesterday.. Is there anything else you need princessaveri?

    Electric I think they were in the chocolate and flowers the NPC's gave out last weekend

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