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  • I have a Fabulous V costume, the hat, shoes, and gloves of the Tazz costume from a couple of years ago, the full Velma costume from a couple of years ago and a few other things. Anything interesting from that list there?
    October 11
    • ElectricRainbowUnicornz
      what other things do you have? ^o^ i think i have those items
    • HBforever
      I have a bunch of hats and stuff for trade? It would be easier to show you in trade. Let me know when you are okay to do that! Thanks! :D
  • @electricrainbowunicornz What clothing are you looking for, for the purple ghost rider hair? :D Please let me know as soon as you can. Ciao!
    October 10
    • ElectricRainbowUnicornz
      anything but crafting clothes, something i am very much looking for are life guard items other than the life guard shirt, but i am open to all offers :)
    • HBforever
      Okay, I will see what I have and I will get back to. What time works best for you? I'm on until 4:00 pm (central time) every day except Sunday.
  • what would you like for the garden dog statue, garden bird house, and ax whirligig?

    September 26
  • Squid
    hey just wondering what mannequins do you have
    June 2017