Trading a Beanie for....

I am trading a beanie

for the most of items offer from below



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    Hey, @UncleB! I might have a couple of these items, but I’ll have to check my inventory!
  • i have the rug, 5x of the scavanger banners, and the helmet chair in red black and orange, wasnt able to get into the host event for a lot of those tho sadly
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    red, black and orange girls jersey
    red black and orange necklace
    framed red, black and orange jersey
    2x posters
    and a helmet chair if you're looking for those as well
    red, white, orange face paint (I know it doesn't say red, orange, black face paint but when I put it on it's red, orange and black and not red, orange white.. I can show in game if needed)..didn't think you wanted this.. but wanted to check as it's in the same colors
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