Wondering if anyone can help me track down some things :)

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Looking for:

-2018 candy (looking for several of each)

-2008 candy bucket (trading other candy buckets for them / name your price)

-Old Maze Walls (looking for tiki rn, but happy to see what else y'all have)

-SEAL POSTER (trading walrus or polar bear poster / name your price)

-Solar System Mercury Pin (I have other pins to trade for it / name your price)

-Sunken Ship ROOM 

-Olympic ROOM (Idk the title of it, it has columns but not the Pegasus room)

-Ice Cave ROOM

-Pig Snout

-Blue Galactic Explorer outfit girl and boy (I have a purple color to trade / name your price)

-SPACE BOTTLES please :) (as many as I can get my hands on! name your price)

-Sheep Movie Posters (that I don't already have, trading Flocablanca for it / name your price)


-Halloween Costumes: (Star Wars, Teen Titans, Tim Burton characters, Beauty and the Beast, Other Disney, and any more you might have I would love to look through them)

PS: Trading Sleeping Beauty Dress for Beauty and the Beast Yellow Dress or other Disney costume I don't have.

I am trading Pins, Credits, Costumes, Furni, Magic, Candy, Eggs. Just let me know what you're looking for in return.



  • i have some of these i think :) i will look and list what i have 

  • i have as follows, 
    2019 egg - small polka dots, white (36) , red (26) , green (30),  teal 23, blue 27, pink 27, cyan 24, orange 28, purple 13, yellow 29
    2019 egg - small yellow sparkles 20 
    2019 egg - small blue stripes 30
    2019 egg - small zigzags 28
    2019 eggs small lue marble 34
    2019 easter egg - small green and red dots 28
    2019 easter eggs - small purple gradient 23
    2019 easter eggs - small multi color stripes 24
    2019 easter eggs - golden egg 2019 7

    varied hristmas toys xD 

    mini skeleton horse carriage 
    elf outfit  girls
    antique witch boom carriable
    antique shop pin 2018
    antique holdable snow shoes
    antique shop 2018 boy shirt
    antique  chris
    antique  christmas morning hair boys red, brown, blonde
    antique chris morning hair girls, black, blonde purple
    antique shop shirt girls the green one
    antique reindeer hoodie girls
    antique christas magic hair pink
     antique midnight hair purple, blue
    antique chirstmas elf hair girls, ice blue, blonde, black, purple
    3 space bottles
    teen titans costume including hairs, power puff girls, tons of costumes for trade, 
    candy buckets you need, 
    a lot of host items and other items, membership items, etc for trade ^-^ willing to look through your items you are trading not looking for anything really specific just things i dont have or catches my eye
    also have frosted fleece poster! 
    message me or find me in game if you want to meet up for a trade!
  • HIYA! Would love to trade you. I'm not friends in game with you I don't think. When could we meet up?
  • LeeFae said:

    HIYA! Would love to trade you. I'm not friends in game with you I don't think. When could we meet up?

    Whenever is good for you just let me know! I usually find random trade rooms etc, i am about to hop on actually
  • i am actually online right now :)
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    It never tells me when people comment on these.. I am on now and I will probably be on all day tomorrow.
    I'll message on here when I am! It will probably be about 4 hours after start of day if that makes sense.
  • That sounds good :) I'll frequently check up on here!!
  • Im on usually every day ^~^
  • Logging in now! I'll be in my trade room. Just called Trades and I believe its on the popular rooms list right now
  • I will take: 
    -10 of each 2019 egg and 2 golden eggs
    -Christmas ride toys
    -Candy Buckets
    -Space bottles
    -All the Costumes

    I am interested in looking at
    -reindeer hoodie
    -Skeleton horse carriage

    I feel like I don't have much to offer but happy to show you everything I have! Plus credits if need be
  • Im getting on now i don't know if you are on @.@
  • Yes I am! In Trades room
  • Stay there juat having computer issues ill be there though
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