Miss Clue Update!

We originally had Christmas at Donner Pass scheduled for release in 2020, but as we all know, nothing good came out of 2020, we decided to move the release to 2021!

Go 2021!

So we’re going to be the first to start out 2021 with a new game release during January 2021, and set the tone for a successful, fun and Happy New Year!

Stay tuned for more updates, sneak peeks and fun activities to come!



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    Thanks for the update Mintie!

    I'm really excited to see the game released in 2021! I just want to point out that Nintendo (an international company with thousands of employees) had to delay one of their game releases an ENTIRE year, and they have a huge team working on that game. They wanted to make sure the game released was of the highest quality, so if that is necessary for this MissClue game I think your community can be more than understanding, especially considering you are a much smaller team when compared to a giant gaming company.

    I am excited to see your newest game and I sure I speak for many when I say am I perfectly content waiting a longer amount of time to see a game that is of the high-quality we have come to expect from the MissClue team. I can't wait to see more updates and exciting news like this in 2021.

    Thanks! :)
  • Thanks so much for the update!! I CANT WAIT!!!

    so many questions and NO DONUTS



  • Yes oh how much I kept checking in here to see if it was out ....sorta Glad I will be Curling up to 2021 with a Great Game THANK YOU ALL AND HAPPY NEW YEAR :) 
  • Thank you for the update. LOVE the Miss Clue games!!!!!
  • Yay!!!! I'm so excited! I need a new game to play so bad! Thanks!
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