Building rooms?

What are your favorite rooms to build in?

I have all these cool ideas but struggle to execute them because I feel like the room I start in is either too big or too small.. I want to be able to enter building competitions one day


  • i think it definitely helps to have an idea of what exactly you want to build that way you can kinda gauge what size room you need.

    sometimes i like to utilize parts of the room in my that'd be something to take into consideration as if i were going for a beach theme, i'd probably use a room that already has sand on the ground.

    VFK has tons of rooms available and i feel like a lot can be done with just about all of them!

    but here's some suggestions based off of my experiences and what i like to work with:

    if you want to go really big, i'd suggest rooms like the Grand Island Hideaway, Gargantuan Garden, Haunted Forest Clearing, or Snowy Wonderland. 

    I think a step down from that would be rooms such as the Grand Garden, Country Garden Field, Grand Summer Island Oasis, and English Countryside Lookout. 

    I tend to build a lot of my rooms in the Paradise Garden. It's a small room, you can see the whole thing without having to scroll around, and it's pretty plain and simple..but i think it's very versatile. 

    and if you really want a blank slate, i'd go with The Abyss. 

    also it's fun to build when there's not a competition going on..not to mention it's good practice and maybe you'll stumble upon ideas you really like..but just play around in some rooms and see what you can come up with. 
    and if you like something you've built, take a screenshot so you can look back at it while building for the competition. 
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  • Thank you for the tips!! Very helpful!
    Great idea to take a photo to reference later during competitions :D
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